KFC Funnel Cake Fries Are Making Their Way To More Locations

The fast food funnel cake fry has been dropping in and out of people's lives for some time. Burger King has offered a version of the sugar-sweet item called Funnel Cake Sticks. Served with a side of icing, they were first introduced in 2009, according to Chew Boom. The funnel cake fries were so popular that the chain brought them back once in 2019. In the meantime, Checkers and Rally's brought funnel cake fries to its menu in 2017, per Brand Eating. KFC has also seen fit to add its own finger-licking touch to the food.

The popular fried chicken chain is hoping to expand its menu by testing new funnel cake fries in select areas around the United States for a limited time, according to QSR. But they aren't entirely new to the brand, either. In 2014, KFC actually tested Sweet & Savory Go Cups in the Baltimore, Maryland area, per Brand Eating. That menu item included fries made of funnel cake batter that was topped with cinnamon and sugar and either hot wings, crispy tenders, or chicken littles. This latest test will have a wider scope and a different form of funnel cake fry.

KFC is expanding the testing area for its funnel cake fries

When the YouTube channel Tasted covered the previous version of KFC's funnel cake fries in 2014, the reviews weren't exactly stellar. A taster called Philliam complained that the fries were so chewy that it required noticeable effort to eat them but overall thought they were "alright." Philliam's brother, "G," noticed sugar, cinnamon, grease, and some inconsistency in how cooked the fries were. "They're certainly fries, and they got a little funnel in them," he remarked. The item didn't stick around.

KFC's new funnel cake fries will begin popping up at more locations beginning November 29 for an unspecified time while supplies last, according to QSR. Topped with powdered sugar, they are described as having a fluffy interior and crispy exterior that resemble the classic funnel cakes associated with state fairs. The funnel cake fries were first tested in the fall of 2022 in Kansas City KFC locations that franchisee KBP Brands owns, and now the testing area will gain 77 more spots.

The new funnel fries will only be available in-store at participating locations in Eastern Kansas, the greater Kansas City area, Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma, central and Eastern Missouri, the greater St. Louis area, and the metro area of Omaha, Nebraska. KBP Brands and KFC have seen positive feedback during the testing phase and hope to add more participating stores in the next year.