Burger King Is Airdropping 65,000 Free Whoppers In Times Square

Burger King has a history of involving customers in its birthday celebrations. For the famous Whopper's 64th birthday, the chain offered the sandwich at a whopping 37 cents for two whole days of reveling in a fast food success story. This was the original cost of the Whopper when it was added to the menu in 1957, per Allrecipes.

The Whopper is Burger King's best-selling menu item, Zippia reported, and the chain sells as many as 2.1 billion of them every year. That means it serves up to 250 quarter-pound burgers per hour. According to USA Today, the chain indicated that there are 1024 ways to personalize your Whopper, making it something that presumably everyone can enjoy.

Burger King's legendary sandwich turns 65 years old today, and to celebrate, the chain will give away tens of thousands of this fast food icon to customers in New York City's Time Square, according to Business Wire.

Burger King delivers sandwiches directly to customers' phones

On Wednesday, Nov. 30, lucky visitors to New York City's Times Square will have the chance to win a free Whopper in celebration of the sandwich's 65th birthday, according to Chew Boom. Burger King will airdrop codes for a freebie to 65,000 people in the area. To receive the code, you must have the airdrop feature on your phone enabled. Then, the code is redeemable in the Burger King app.

Times Square hosts roughly 360,000 people every day, its official website reported. That means 18% of today's visitors to Times Square could win a free quarter-pound burger topped with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and onion on a sesame seed bun. Burger King didn't leave out its customers in other parts of the world, though. @BurgerKing will provide a few codes for free Whoppers on Instagram as well.

If you aren't one of the winners, try a Burger King Whopper copycat recipe.