Chevy Chase Just Lit Up Raising Cane's Chicago Restaurant Clark Griswold-Style

Yes, you read that right. Actor Chevy Chase lit up a Raising Cane's restaurant last night with all the flair of a scene worthy of "Christmas Vacation." But before your thoughts get too carried away (like, say, a greased-up sled), we want to clear the air. Chase didn't light the store up in the same way Clark Griswold "lit up" his neighbor with sarcasm when asked, "Where do you think you're gonna put a tree that big?" (via iMDB). Rather, he lit up the Raising Cane's in a much more literal sense.

According to a press release sent to Mashed, Chase helped kick off the holiday season at a Raising Cane's location in Morton Grove, Illinois. The actor joined Raising Cane's Founder and Co-CEO Todd Graves to recreate the famous scene in "Christmas Vacation" where the Griswolds — eventually — turn on their Christmas lights. As fans of the movie well know, the Griswolds' havoc-wreaking light setup in the Chicago burbs included "25,000 Italian imported twinkle lights" (via WGN9). While the final bulb count at the Morton Grove display may not cause a massive power outage, it has drawn quite a crowd.

Hundreds of fans turned out to see Chevy Chase

In true Griswold fashion, Chevy Chase's attempt to illuminate the decor at an Illinois Raising Cane's included a couple of failed attempts (via WGN9) before successfully "lighting" the 13,000-bulb display — complete with Santa and reindeer. According to a press release sent to Mashed, 500 "Caniacs" were treated to caroling, hot chocolate, and the chance to see Chase recreate the memorable movie moment. In addition to giving fans the chance to see Clark Griswold in person, Raising Cane's is also supporting a good cause this season with a "Christmas Vacation" collab.

For the holidays, Raising Cane's is selling plush puppies dressed like Chase's character (complete with a squirrel on its back), Cousin Eddy, and Aunt Bethany at its restaurants and on its website. Proceeds from the toy sales will be distributed to pet welfare groups with the goal of donating $400,000 to the organizations (via press release). When the event was posted to Instagram, users were excited to see the lights and cause highlighted, with one person saying, "So awesome! One of my all time favorite movies and actors! Also I love that money goes to local animal shelters too."

If you happen to be cruising for last-minute holiday gifts, these Raising Cane's plushies could come through. If not, the "Caniacs" in your life may appreciate simply scoring some of the chain's chicken fingers in their stockings.