José Andrés Gushes About His Homeland In Discovery+ First Look

When José Andrés announced via Instagram that he would be embarking upon a culinary adventure alongside his three daughters through his native Spain, the chef's excitement and national pride bounded off the page. "For all their lives, my daughters have heard endless stories about the people, places, and foods that shaped me as a young man," Andrés wrote in his caption. "Now I'm taking them (and you!) with me on an amazing journey across Spain where we will ... see what makes Spanish food the best in the world."

Setting aside for a moment the fact that Andrés casually awarded his home country's cuisine first place on the entire planet — despite his obvious bias, and possibly without consulting anyone — it is heartening to know that after living in America for over 30 years (per Washington Post), Andrés is just excited to go home. Plus, he gets to show his daughters, who have all grown up in the U.S., his version of Spain, through the best possible medium out there: food. (And a popular streaming service, of course.) The Washington Post says that one of Andrés' favorite expressions is "longer tables, not higher walls," indicating his desire for more human connection through food and storytelling — probably why he named his podcast "Longer Tables." No doubt the chef is delighted that his table now will extend to many more later this month, through his perfectly titled series: "José Andrés and Family in Spain" (per People).

Sightseeing and soul searching in Spain

In YouTube's official first-look trailer for "José Andrés and Family in Spain," the new docuseries from Discovery+, Andrés' enthusiasm for his beloved home country is front and center. "Spain is the land ... where my passion for cooking began," Andrés narrates, over images of steaming paella, sapphire blue seas, and the chef himself chauffeuring his daughters around Spain. "Spain lives deep in my soul. And its food has made me who I am." People magazine says that the series will bring the Maryland-based Andrés back to Roses, the town where the chef began his career at the restaurant El Bulli. He'll also visit Barcelona, Madrid, and other Spanish cities, with his daughters Carlota, Inés, and Lucia — all of whom grew up in the states.

Andrés explains that while his humanitarian efforts take him around the world, and his 30+ restaurants keep him busy in the U.S., he wants to "eat his way through Spain" with his family, showing his daughters the culture he was raised in through celebrations, adventures, and most importantly, meals. There's never been a better time to love food and streaming services at the same time, with culinary travel series taking a huge piece of the programming pie these days, so to speak. If you've already done Tuscany with Tucci, it might be time for España with Andrés and his family. Cheaper than a flight, right?