GBBO Fans Can't Get Enough Of Syabira And Janusz's Holiday Insta

"The Great British Bake Off" contestants Janusz and Syabira are creating a stir on Instagram and keeping the memory of Season 13 alive.

While the last season's episodes unfolded, some of its contestants started sideshows with fellow famous bakers on social media (and we suspect not always unwittingly). Janusz, for example, created a buzz on Twitter when he posted a picture of himself and Season 12 contestant Jürgen Krauss to the platform, resulting in fans calling for the two to start their own show. Another news-making duo was Sandro and Rebs. After the filming of Season 13 finished, they found themselves with the time to take a shirt-sharing beach holiday and graced Twitter with the artifacts, per The Sun. The perception that both were in relationships fueled the ensuing gossip.

But now that Season 13 has finished and the cast and contestants have returned home, the sideshows seem to have died down — with Syabira and Janusz being the recent exceptions, of course. It seems they are not ready to let the memory of the thirteenth round of GBBO drift into history.

Syabira and Janusz have become good pals

The duo's Instagram picture leaves no doubt that Janusz and Syabira are in a festive mood. Both are donning red and green in an elfish theme and exuding holiday cheer. It seems unlikely that the photo was shared merely for publicity, as the contestants befriended each other during Season 13. Syabira confirmed this in a simple tweet: "I love @januszbakes and he's amazing!!" 

Another hint that Syabira and Janusz have become close friends is the photo credit to @baldy_with_spectacles, whose profile states (in case there is any doubt) that he, Bradley, is "Syabira's Boyfie" — a pertinent detail, as this is the man lucky enough to eat only the best baked goods. It seems the three got together to revel in the holiday spirit.

"This is one of the most joyful photos I have ever seen," one fan commented on the photo. "We need you both back on our TVs, such a fun pair," said another. One notable sentiment came from @ladyroseofrohan: "Please, please, please do your own spinoff baking show. Signed, Stressed Americans," she said, to which Syabira actually replied with two fingers-crossed emojis. Is there a meaning to the GBBO winner's response? Who knows — but the caption does interestingly include the hashtag "#filming."