IHOP's Pancakes Are Getting The Cereal Treatment

TikTok creators have been converting unconventional, non-miniature foods into cereal, and it's a trend that is delicious, adorable, and labor-intensive all at once, according to Insider. This movement toward shrinking regular food items and dousing them with milk kicked off with pancake cereal on the popular video-sharing app. From this tiny bowl of swimming pancakes, the trend spun into multiple iterations — tiny muffins, tiny croissants, tiny cookies, and tiny donuts, to name a few. "I can finally eat 500 pancakes without guilt," wrote one commenter on a TikTok post about pancake cereal.

Now, pancake giant IHOP is throwing its hat into the pancake cereal ring with its own collaboration with General Mills. The chain's new Mini Pancake Cereal was an attempt to reach customers in a new way, giving them other opportunities to eat IHOP wherever they may be. Boxes will be available in stores in January, per Business Wire.

New cereal allows IHOP fans to enjoy pancakes anywhere

TikTok creators have been making creative cereal options at home for a while, but IHOP just announced a partnership that will have you pouring pancakes into your cereal bowl without the painstaking process of flipping the tiny flapjacks. Mini Pancake Cereal – Blueberry and Syrup will hit stores in January, per Business Wire. This cereal features crunchy, blueberry, and syrup-flavored IHOP pancake pieces that you can consume dry or covered in milk. They were made to create more opportunities for people to eat IHOP.

The chain's Chief Marketing Officer Kieran Donahue said, "After the viral moment in 2020, we knew guests had an appetite for an IHOP cereal. We helped create this iconic cereal in hopes that our guests would look forward to it any time of day."

The cereal makes a solid snack or breakfast option, and they're more convenient than churning up your own batter, according to Fansided. One bowl contains 13 grams of whole grains and boasts other vitamins and minerals.