Trader Joe's Winter Baton Lovers Quartet Is Back For Another Year

It can be fun trying something new, whether it be a new activity, a new TV show, or a new restaurant. However, when it comes to the holiday season, many people find comfort in keeping with the same rituals they've been practicing since they were kids. In fact, a recent OnePoll survey found that 43% of Americans have a holiday tradition that has been going on for upwards of 16 years. And while those traditions are different in every household, the survey also found that a whopping 83% of them share one thing in common: food.

Whipping up old family recipes or batches of festive cookies are two popular customs that many people hold near and dear, while others enjoy picking up their favorite seasonal goodies at the grocery store year after year. If Trader Joe's is your main source of holiday treats, you may be excited to know that a fan-favorite has finally made its long-awaited return. Spotted this week by TJ's-obsessed Instagrammer @traderjoeslist, the grocer's beloved Baton Lover's Quartet has officially landed back in stores.

For anyone who might be confused, these aren't the same batons you see being twirled at football games by performers in glittery outfits. No, at Trader Joe's, batons are crispy wafer cookies filled with cream. The grocer has put out several different versions of the treat, like pumpkin and mango (via What's Good At Trader Joe's). With the Baton Lover's Quartet, you get to try four different winter flavors all at once.

Shoppers are torn over which flavor in TJ's Baton Lovers Quartet is the best

Tradition plays a major role during the holiday season, in part because of the sense of nostalgia they can instill. For the shopper behind TJ's fan Instagram account @traderjoeslist, the grocer's baton cookies help remind them of their past. "These were favorites of mine as a young kid," they shared in a post on Tuesday, December 6 about the chain's returning Baton Lovers Quartet.

Priced at $7.99, each festive, one-pound tin features four different winter-inspired flavors of Trader Joe's creme-filled wafer cookies: cocoa, hazelnut, chocolatey orange, and cookies and cream. "The wafer cookie is the perfect crunch against the cream filling," @traderjoeslist described, noting that they can be munched on as-is or alongside a mug of hot chocolate. "Which is your favorite wafer flavor?" they proceeded to ask.

For Instagram user @forking_around, the hazelnut batons are the best in the pack, though not everyone agreed. "Cookies and cream baby!!!" @j0j0grams commented. "Trader Joe's needs to sell the cookies and cream ones individually," @_isabellalexis said. Until they do, you can always follow in the footsteps of Instagram user @habaaeltokhy and "overstock" on the Baton Lover's Quartet during its seasonal stint in stores to ensure you always have a stash on hand.