Every Blue Moon Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

People either hate to love or love to hate Blue Moon beer. According to Forbes, this may have to do with the brand's Schroedinger-esque status in the craft beer world. On one hand, some people see it as a perfectly good foray into the sphere of artisanal beers, while others criticize it as a lackluster drink that's simply trying too hard while not doing enough.

Despite the criticism surrounding the brew, the brand is undoubtedly creative. While its most recent Thanksgiving pie pints collaboration might be what first comes to mind, it's worth considering the surprising amount of Blue Moon flavors. This may come as a surprise given that the brewing company only has a handful of beers in rotation at the time of writing. However, third-party retailers still offer a steady rotation of options.

With dozens of past beers in its repertoire, you'll taste some shining stars as well as others that are best never seeing the light of day again. Here are 35 Blue Moon brews ranked from worst to best.

35. Grape Scott

Grape Scott is a quirkily titled wine-inspired beer that is best left far off in the brewery's past. We gotta leave it to the company — translating the delicacies of white wine into the complexities of beer is not easy work. Unfortunately, sometimes the most experimental endeavors land far away from the mark, and this wheat ale brewed with chardonnay grape juice and notes of apple and kiwi is simply hard to finish. It seems like the majority of consumers agree, and Grape Scott has all but faded from existence. You won't find it on sale anywhere at the time of publication.

34. Crimson Crossing

Crimson Crossing is a member of Blue Moon's Vintage Ale collection, which Beer Street Journal explains seeks to bring the best elements of wine into the world of beer. Incorporating a heavily-flavored wine like merlot in a beer is no small feat, and the result is unfortunately diluted and lacking any strength from the bold red. Props to the visionaries who thought to bring merlot grapes, black cherries, and raspberries to beer — it's a tempting idea. That being said, merlot and beer enthusiasts will have to keep their loves separate, as Blue Moon's Crimson Crossing is not currently available for sale.

33. Caramel Apple Spiced Ale

Move over pumpkin spice ... well not quite. While caramel apple spiced ale is a fun approach to cold-weather goodies, it doesn't match up to the titan of seasonal drinks. This brew is a hit or miss given the beer's complex ingredient list: apple juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and caramel all pepper the drink. While this drink may seem like it's worthy of Hogsmeade, out here in Muggle World, it has remained pretty divisive with a very average rating on Untappd. It never really broke into the beer scene in any major way. The brew has sadly been retired, though perhaps it will make a reappearance for winter.

32. Golden Knot

Blue Moon's Golden Knot is part of the brewery's Vintage Ale collection given the presence of chardonnay grapes. The wheat ale displays bright hints of apple and kiwi flavors, leaving the drink fresh and pleasantly tart. The wine-beer hybrid works decently, though not exceedingly well. Beer Advocate reviewed the Golden Knot brew, and it didn't gather any rave comments. Still, most people agree that it is an okay beer that is fine to drink if there's no other option around. And if you're looking for a boozy bang for your buck, it boasts 9% ABV. However, its lukewarm reception wasn't enough to keep the Golden Knot sailing high, and Blue Moon has since retired the beer indefinitely.

31. Valencia Grove Amber Ale

Valencia oranges have long been said to be the best pairing for a bottle of Blue Moon. The citrusy notes in the brightly flavored fruit bring out the more complicated aromas of the otherwise simple beer, as the experts at Draft Magazine explain. Valencia grove amber combines this power combo into one bottle, with roasted malts and a touch of wheat to add some depth to the classic brew. It works as a refreshing drink, though it's nothing wildly great to write home about. With very average reviews from consumers on sites like Beer Advocate, the limited-release beer is no longer on the market.

30. Chai Spiced Ale

Chai spiced everything has become an increasingly popular flavor profile as the years go on. With this creation, Blue Moon takes the tea outside of Starbucks and into the bottle. As described by the brewer's website, the chai flavors in this particular brew are decidedly "assertive." Make no mistake that this chai spiced ale leans heavily into the beats of its secondary ingredients, with a balanced smoky sweet taste that tea lovers will quickly recognize. Unfortunately, this doesn't necessarily translate to a good beer, which may be why this brewer's selection is no longer on the market.

29. Proximity

It's not often that a drink explicitly beckons you to come a little closer, but Proximity does just that, albeit as a beer-wine hybrid. With a tantalizing name, the fervor doesn't stop there. The mix of sauvignon blanc grapes offers a floral and citrus twist that works well with the light Blue Moon beer. It's a real shame that Proximity is currently off the market since the vibrant brew pairs well with plenty of dishes such as sushi, fish, and salads. Although not every one of Blue Moon's beer-wine hybrids is worth resurrecting from the dead, we'd be glad to see Proximity returning to store shelves.

28. Gingerbread spiced ale

Gingerbread is one of those silent hits, but once you notice it, you won't be able to ignore the ubiquitous flavor. So, ubiquitous in fact, that at one time you could find it in the liquor store. Blue Moon's gingerbread spiced ale is one such Christmastime treat. The taste is fairly marked and may not be for everyone given that the brew combines holiday spices like ginger, molasses, cinnamon, and nutmeg into a classic wheat beer recipe. A limited edition seasonal release, this beer is a lot harder to find these days. So if you're eager to drink your dessert then keep an eye out.

27. Sunshine Citrus Blonde

You can always count on finding a little sunshine somewhere. Take Blue Moon's sunshine citrus blonde, a lighter brew lifted with notes of orange peel and lemon paired with a wheat undercurrent and malty finish. Beer Melodies sings the praises of this springtime treat, adding that the notable citrus element makes this beer more of a buzzy soda perfect for the beach. If you're averse to sweeter flavors, it may be too much for you though. The beer has long been out of stock, and it's a shame to think we may head into the warm season without this bottle of sunshine.

26. LightSky Tropical Wheat

As the name implies, Blue Moon's LightSky tropical wheat is a lighter take on the company's signature wheat beer, with a 4% ABV and 95 calories per can. You may find yourself wondering what makes this a tropical beer — that would be the orange peel and pineapple brewed into the light wheat ale. The fruity elements add an unexpected twist that isn't unsuccessful, but a bit too busy on the palate. Despite the summery name, Blue Moon LightSky tropical wheat is available all year round. If you're looking for a light and citrusy version of a wheat ale, this is a decent choice — otherwise, there's better to be found.

25. Raspberry Cream Ale

Blue Moon's raspberry cream ale is a limited-edition release meant to cater to fans of fruity beer. The brewery's website promises that the coupled sweetness of the beer malts and raspberries joins in perfect unison to make a drink that will sweeten even the harshest winter night. Classified by Beer Advocate as a "Fruit and Field Beer," this particular variety didn't end up making it into the long-lasting lineup. Sadly, like other winter beers from Blue Moon, the raspberry cream ale was a seasonal brew that is currently hard, if not impossible, to find on the market.

24. Rounder Belgian Style Pale Ale

Rounder Belgian-style pale ale is a pleasant beer that is both tart and refreshing with hibiscus and orange peel notes. The drink has a notable malty flavor, with a comforting balance of bitter, sweet, and refreshing aromas thanks to the fruit. On Untappd beer review site, the brew has garnered pretty average reviews. Still, it has received praise from beer drinkers for its well-rounded flavors and nice foamy head. Sadly, these positive aspects did not spare the Belgian-style brew from the chopping block. Hopefully, this pale ale makes a future appearance on store shelves.

23. Spiced Amber Ale

A spiced amber ale is nothing more than a pale ale brewed with amber malts, mixed with some seasonal spices. As for Blue Moon's rendition, the malty beer is spiced with korintje cinnamon. While the name might sound exotic, according to Spiceography, it's among the most common and affordable types of cinnamon on the market. The spicy notes of this Blue Moon may be reminiscent of classic Christmas cookies or spiced mugs of hot chocolate but are probably not as comforting. Like other winter brews on the list, this seasonal product is long retired.

22. Tongue Thai-ed

Based on Influenster reviews, Blue Moon's Tongue Thai-ed has garnered some pretty dedicated fans and some equally-sized criticism. While some absolutely love the unique flavor profile, others are less than impressed by the drink's twist on a classic recipe. So what exactly makes this beer so unique? 

According to the brewer's website, Tongue Thai-ed is infused with lemongrass and basil, offering up aromas that evoke the flavor profiles that define the incomparable world of Thai food. Tongue Thai-ed has been discontinued for some time, but there are still ardent fans on Reddit who are looking for another beer to leave them breathless.

21. Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin beers have really come into their own in the last decade on the market, so much so that, we have even taken lengths to comprehensively rank them. Although Blue Moon harvest pumpkin ale came out among the worst of the pack, the harvest pumpkin wheat beer is still a noteworthy option within the brand's selection. This pumpkin beer is a groovy blend of pumpkin with a medley of spices like cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg. If you love pumpkin spice lattes you'll want to keep an eye out for this beer's return, as it has sadly been discontinued.

20. Blackberry Tart Ale

Blackberries and beer go well together, though the combination may sound odd at first. The folks over at Casey Brewing Company explain that blackberries bring both acidity and sweetness to whichever brew you add them to. So, it really was only a matter of time before the Blue Moon blackberry tart ale was created. 

Ideally, the beer should strike that aforementioned balance of sweet and sour. But, Brewver notes that in comparison to maltier blends, the blackberry tart ale is a bit lackluster. In any case, this fruit product can not be found on the major market today.

19. LightSky Citrus Wheat

As a part of the current LightSky collection at the date of writing, this citrus wheat brew dives into what makes a good Blue Moon beer: an ecstatic balance between heartiness and refreshment. As opposed to other orange and lemon beers on the list, LightSky citrus wheat opts for a tangerine peel infusion instead. This makes this for a lighter-tasting, more delicate citrus beer. True to the LightSky collection, citrus wheat is also low in calories. It can be purchased at any time of the year since this easy-drinking beer is not among Blue Moon's seasonal offerings.

18. Pine in the Neck

Blue Moon's Pine in the Neck is anything but a pain. While juniper berries may be more closely associated with gin, they certainly can work just as well in different boozy beverages. The folks at the Blue Moon Brewing Company describe that the berries add a fresh twist to the malty richness and citrus notes of the beer. It's certainly a refreshing twist and is sure to bring gin and beer lovers to a rare meeting point. While at one point Pine in the Neck could be found far and wide, today it's tragically been discontinued.

17. Belgian Table Pils

When diving into the gorgeous world of beers, it can be daunting to learn all of the different styles of brews. After all, what is a pilsner and how is it different from a lager? What's important to know when looking at the flavor profile alone, is that pilsners are a bold style of beer that balances hops, bitters, and aromas, with flavor (via Craft Beer). Blue Moon's Belgian table pils brew does all that and more, thanks to an extra sweet twang from mandarin oranges. Sadly, this brew was a seasonal release and can no longer be found on the market.

16. Chimp

Chimp is a perfectly playful name that suits this cheeky beer and its funky fresh label. It may be news to you that there are different types of cherries, but once you start to experiment, it's hard to stick with just one. The brewers at Blue Moon agree and use different varieties for this beer. Chimp mixes a veritable trifecta of sweet, sour, and dark cherries, culminating in a bold and flavorful beer. This particular brew is an imperial wheat ale, meaning it's a bit stronger than average with an ABV of 9.5%. Unfortunately for fans, Blue Moon's Chimp has long been discontinued.

15. Grand Cru

Grand Cru is a French wine classification to signify wine made from vineyards or wineries of only the highest quality (via Wine Enthusiast). Keeping this in mind, we had to ask ourselves how the finest of wines could be translated into the finest of beers. However, Blue Moon took its own take with the definition of a Grand Cru. Per the brewer's website, this is an ale through and through, with a bit of coriander and orange to add a pleasant nuance. It's a decent beer, but we wouldn't necessarily call it grand. Still, the Grand Cru is disappointingly no longer available for purchase.

14. Farmhouse Red Ale

It's no wonder that the American brewer would take on a hard-to-pin-down beer like a red ale. True to form, Blue Moon's Farmhouse red ale has an exquisitely rich caramel malt that's accented by notes that vary from white pepper to hibiscus. All the while, the brew retains an undeniable tartness that keeps it nice and refreshing. With an element of aesthetic, the beer's Expressionist-style label only adds to its charm. As of publication, the Farmhouse red ale has been retired and is currently nowhere to be found on the market. Red ale brew lovers can only hope that Blue Moon brings it back into rotation.

13. Cocoa Brown Ale

According to American Craft Beer, brown ale may have roots in Europe but it has been revived in the States. It's no wonder then that major American brewers like Blue Moon would try their hand at the old-school, if not somewhat forgotten, style of beer. Blue Moon's cocoa brown ale is, as the name implies, a chocolaty delight through and through. 

The brewers combined all the richness and nuances of cocoa with the sweetness and depth of chocolate. The flavors are further complemented by the recipe's malty profile. While this concoction was once the perfect boozy dessert in a bottle, this brown ale has basically faded from the market altogether.

12. Peanut Butter Ale

Peanut butter is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of American food, and it makes sense that epicures would want to combine the pleasures of beer with the joys of peanut butter. Blue Moon's peanut butter ale was a special release that rocked a lot of worlds, leaving peanut butter lovers free of having to decide between creamy and crunchy, thanks to the brew's decadent smoothness. A subtle flavor of honey and molasses is added to the mix to give the rich winter beer some nuance. Unfortunately, this Blue Moon brew has since been discontinued from circulation.

11. Summer Honey Wheat

Is there anything sweeter than honey? Maybe the Blue Moon's summer honey wheat ale. This beer largely sticks to the major beats that one can expect from any Blue Moon offering. However, it is enriched with clover honey and orange peel, resulting in a sweet beer with a refreshing finish. This particular brew is pretty well-celebrated and has won prestigious accolades like the gold medal at the 2010 Great American Beer Festival. We're not sure why, but the award-winning beer was only on the market for a short time in 2018 and hasn't resurfaced since.

10. Mountain Abbey Ale

Abbey ales are one of the more obscure beer genres, and Beer and Brewing aptly describe them as an extremely strong dark beer. While Blue Moon's Mountain Abbey Ale isn't the strongest beer on this list, it's still considerably potent with an ABV of 5.6%. Unique to Blue Moon's brew is the addition of Belgian sugar to add a sweet undercurrent to the fortitude of the dark ale. With a hint of dark chocolate in the flavor profile, perhaps as an ode to Belgian chocolate, this is a beer you'll want to enjoy next to the fire. Unfortunately, this seasonal beer has been out of commission for a long time.

9. Impulse

Among the wine ales crafted by Blue Moon, Impulse is one of the best. With juice from bold cabernet sauvignon grapes, the brewers try to strike, once again, a balance between bold red wines and rich ales. Surprisingly, the label is able to do so quite successfully with this beer. It is subtly fruity with a distinct tartness that makes for a decent pour. The beer reviews on Beer Advocate are generally positive too. Adding to the romanticism of the recipe is the Impressionist-inspired label that covers the bottle. Currently, Blue Moon's Impulse is not on the market for sale.

8. Blue Moon Moon Haze

Unlike many other Blue Moon varieties, moon haze is served up in an aluminum can that's a lot easier to take on the go. Moon haze is arguably one of the more heavily citrus-infused beers on the list, as its recipe includes dried whole oranges. Though this beer is named after the moon, it tastes as bright as the sun and is well-suited for a sunny day. Moon haze is among the darlings on rotation at the moment and even won the 2020 gold medal in its beer category at The Great American Beer Festival. 

7. Pacific Apricot Wheat

Who knew that so many apricots were grown in Washington? To this day the West Coast state continues to provide the country with an abundance of sweet stone fruits (via Northwest Public Broadcasting). Thankfully, Blue Moon was able to make an ode to some goods from the west and condensed them into this ever-charming Pacific apricot wheat beer. Sourced from actual Pacific Coast apricots, the brewers opted to add a bit of cardamom to complement the sweet-tartness of the fruit with some spice. Pacific apricot wheat has slid into the brand's past selections, and can no longer be found anywhere on the market.

6. White IPA

IPAs have sort of come onto the edges of beer culture as a vaguely intimidating style of brew. But, with a little bit of information, you'll find yourself cultivating a sense of taste and direction within the admittedly complex beer ecosystem. Blue Moon's white IPA, though no longer sold, was the brand's stab at the drink of choice held to heart by many hipsters. With a mix, or rather balance, of fruit, malt, and hops, this white IPA is a drink meant for people who enjoy savoring all the complexities a beer can have.

5. First Peach Ale

There's nothing quite as sweet as a peach, and Blue Moon's first peach ale is no sour exception to this sentiment. Peach is the name of the game for this beer, and it is fittingly the strongest flavor you'll note in the ale. For fans of fruit-forward beers, look no further than this peachy treat. But, this isn't just a sickly sweet drink. Caramel malt, and a mild, yet noticeable, tartness both accompany and improve the drink. A part of the summer seasonal collection of years gone past, this particular brew is no longer for sale.

4. Iced Coffee Blonde

Our love for cool and caffeinated drinks has only seemed to strengthen over time, with iced coffees ever-present. While combining coffee and beer might seem confusing and paradoxical, those who have tried it know a simple truth: Coffee beer just works. Blue Moon's iced coffee blonde is a lighter recipe with a blonde ale as the basis. Above all else, the drink relies on malts to add depth, and it's the coffee aroma that really gives it the extra boost. The iced coffee blonde has unfortunately been relegated to the status of past selections, but hopefully, this buzzy blonde will return to shelves once again.

3. Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout

There's something inherently cozy about enjoying a bowl of oatmeal and a cappuccino on a blustery winter morning. Blue Moon brings the breakfast dream team into one cup with its cappuccino oatmeal stout. The comforting combination is completed with a dash of cocoa and a hint of sweetness from the malts. 

There are not many drinks that can do so many things all at once, but Untappd notes that despite the complex ingredient list, it is surprisingly subtle in nature. The fact that it's brewed from decaffeinated beans makes it perfect for nighttime enjoyment — let's face it, you probably won't be sipping on this every morning. This limited-release beer has since been pulled from production.

2. Agave Blonde Ale

Agave may be an intimidating plant given its prickly nature, but it makes for a sweet ingredient. It was really only a matter of time before the creatives at Blue Moon tried their hands at incorporating the sweet succulent into a brew. Indeed, Blue Moon's agave blonde ale is a super laid-back beer that's sure to stun and impress. The brewers opted to incorporate agave nectar directly into the beer, which works incredibly well with the blonde ale's natural malt character. At the moment, the agave blonde ale is unavailable through Blue Moon or other retailers.

1. Belgian White

There's simply nothing better than the O.G., and Blue Moon's Belgian white is the brand's central wheat beer that sets the tone for the rest. As per the brewer's site, Blue Moon's Belgian white is brewed with Valencia oranges that infuse it with an unmistakable, yet subtle, freshness. A bit of coriander adds an herbal earthiness to further extend the complexities of this drink. There's something to be said about classics never going out of style. Belgian white can be found in both 12-packs of cans or bottles — just take your pick.