The Quality Of Burger King's Chicken Sandwich Has Left Reddit Aghast

Burger King set out a mission to purify its ingredients list over a year ago, per a press release. The chain promised to eradicate artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors from its menu items. By banishing this slew of artificial ingredients, the chain was attempting to promote healthier eating. Still, the Whopper reigns supreme. The quarter-pound, flame-grilled burger topped with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and ketchup is the chain's best-selling item (per Zippia). Burger King serves roughly 275 of them every hour. 

However, the Original Chicken Sandwich just doesn't receive the same level of hype as the Whopper. It's not the stuff of legends, like the Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich, nor is it the type of meat that thrives at the chain, as it does at fast food chains like Chick-fil-A, which has chicken implied in its name. Redditors have even found gripes about the quality of Burger King's Original Chicken Sandwich. In fact, one customer found the sandwich "inedible" (via Reddit).

Burger King customers question the chicken quality

Burger King may have rid its menu of artificial ingredients, according to their press release, but people on Reddit are skeptical about the quality of the chain's Original Chicken Sandwich. One user questioned the taste of the chicken sandwich. "It used to be bigger, juicier, crispier," shared the Redditor. "I had the [Burger King] original chicken sandwich tonight — and one other time a couple [of] months ago — and it was completely inedible. [It was] thin, mushy, tasteless, nothing like it used to be."

The same user went on to ask the Reddit community for information about what caused the decline in quality. A fellow Reddit user, claiming to be a Burger King franchise general manager, joined the conversation and explained that the way the frozen meat arrives at the restaurant has changed over the years. "When I first started [working] at [Burger King] 5 years ago the [original chicken] patty came frozen and packaged in boxes. [It was] stacked neatly. Recently this past year, they just come in bags. Half the time they are warped and misshapen. I've had bags where half the patties are broken in half or in pieces...," the Redditor wrote.

The comment section had other speculations that may have caused the decline, including the removal of artificial ingredients.