Uber Eats Most Popular 2022 Delivery Combo Was A Burrito And Cheese

Uber Eats is growing more and more prevalent in society, and as a result, it's revealing some pretty interesting trends in eating habits on the whole. The company puts out a "Cravings Report" every year, which spells out preferences like what the most popular cuisines, items, and pairings are. In the 2021 report, for example, the most popular cuisine delivered by the service was Mexican, not terribly surprising now that there are so many fast-casual Mexican joints to choose from, like Chipotle, Moe's, Willy's, and more. However, not a single Mexican dish landed on the list of Uber Eats' most-ordered items last year.

In 2021 Uber Eats enjoyed a revenue of $8.3 billion, which was a 72% increase from the year before, says Business of Apps. It's also the most popular such service around the world, thanks to its ever-expanding user base of 81+ million people. The Mexican arm of Uber Eats, however, is but a fraction of the overall industry, which in the U.S. is worth around $77 billion, per IBIS World. So it shouldn't surprise anyone really that the 2022 Cravings Report saw an even greater Mexican food representation than in years past.

How Mexican food factored into the Cravings Report

2022 was a year when people adopted a new, post-pandemic normal. Apparently, for many people that new normal included a burrito and cheese, per the 2022 Uber Eats Cravings Report. The pairing topped the list of most popular delivery combos, edging out such heavy-hitters as French fries and salt (french Fries were last year's most ordered item), cheeseburger and diced onions, and chicken sandwich and fries, among others. The other Mexican-inspired fare to make the top 10 was quesadilla and sour cream. Shockingly, tacos were nowhere to be seen on the list.

Burritos also made the report in an entirely different category, the "most frequently paired food and alcohol." Burritos with margaritas took the third spot, behind pizza and White Claw. Steak and margaritas took the top spot. This is but more proof that Mexican cuisine is further strengthening its hold on the hearts and stomachs of America. As the worldwide burrito market is projected by Technavio to climb an additional 3.54% by 2025, the tasty dish is likely to stay at or near the top of the Uber Eats list in years to come.