Ree Drummond's Oven Trick For Crispier Pie Crust Every Time

Who said that you could only indulge in some pie on Thanksgiving? While we all enjoy the traditional Turkey day desserts, many other delicious pie varieties can be enjoyed year-round. There's nothing better than enjoying a strawberry rhubarb pie during the dog days of summer or baking a chocolate cream pie recipe on Valentine's Day.

While eating pie may be a no-brainer, baking one of these tasty treats is a whole other story. If you've struggled to master the art of the perfect pie, you aren't alone. Whether your crust is coming out soggy or burnt or your filling is watery and runny, there are many mistakes you're probably making when baking pies. While baking impeccable desserts certainly takes practice, a few insider tips also always come in handy. For instance, baking your pie on a pizza stone is a go-to method for keeping your pie crust crispy and well done, as noted by the Food Network. 

On her blog, The Pioneer Women shares even more secrets to the perfect pie crust to help you experience love at first bite.

Drummond advises baking your pie on the lowest oven rack

On The Pioneer Woman blog, Ree Drummond walks her viewers through her some tips for baking A+ pies. Not only are these nuggets of wisdom going to be game changers for you in the kitchen, but Drummond also assures us that each tip is as "easy as pie." Thanks, Ree!

For those of you who have been struggling with your crusts, this one's for you. If you've been putting your pie on the highest rack close to the top of the oven, you've been doing it all wrong. Drummond advises placing your pie on the lowest rack — this placement achieves two different outcomes. For one, "It gives the bottom crust, especially in pies with wet fillings, the best possible opportunity to bake through," according to Drummond.

Secondly, putting your pie on the lowest rack keeps the edges of the pie from baking too quickly and potentially burning. Drummond suggests keeping your eye on your pie — if you see the edges turning too brown, you should cover them up. The Food Network recommends using a "store-bought metal or silicone ring." You can also get crafty and place aluminum foil around the outskirts of the pie.