Pieology Has A Holiday BOGO Pizza Deal You Won't Want To Miss

Out of all the holiday songs that come across the radio waves this time of year, Vox argues that "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is the most annoying one of them all. You might agree, but still, you have to admit that the idea of the tune is kind of sweet, as the singer is describing all of the daily Christmas gifts given to them by their true love over a span of 12 days. You might even wish you could be showered with presents just like the singer — though upon further examination of the lyrics, receiving the exact same present lineup described in the song may not be totally ideal.

Sure, by the end of it, you'd have five beautiful golden rings worth a little more than $1,200. However, you'd also suddenly have to house 50 people whose daily activities range from dancing to drumming, not to mention the fact that you'd also be the owner of a whopping 23 different birds. If only there was a version of the situation that would present 12 straight days of presents that would actually be useful to your life in 2022. Well, thanks to Pieology Pizzeria, there is.

According to Chew Boom, the California-based pizza chain is celebrating the Twelve Days of PIE-OLIDAYS this year, but not with swans-a-swimming or turtle doves. Rather, the restaurant is offering a special deal to customers for 12 days in a row that pizza lovers especially might not want to miss.

Pieology's Pie Life Loyalty members get exclusive access to this BOGO deal

In terms of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," Pieology Pizzeria is playing the role of the true love. However, the pizza joint isn't giving away everything listed in the Christmas carol, which is probably for the best, as the PNC Christmas Price Index reports that would cost them $197,071.09 this year. Rather, the fast-casual chain will be running a special Twelve Days of PIE-OLIDAYS BOGO pizza deal that will allow some customers to score one of its artisan pies at no charge.

The promo is available exclusively to Pieology's Pie Life Loyalty members who grab a meal at the eatery anytime between December 13 and December 24. As Chew Boom explains, members will need to purchase one of the chain's Signature 'za's, or customize one of its Create Your Own 3-Topping pies at any point during the 12-day leadup to Christmas. Purchases can be made online or in-store and will earn rewards members a coupon for a free Signature or Create Your Own 3-Topping with any purchase in their account.

Unfortunately, the coupon won't be redeemable until January 2023. However, considering a recent survey found that 42% of Americans expect to go into debt this holiday season, that might actually be the perfect time for free food. And don't worry if you're not a Pie Life Loyalty member yet. You can still head to Pieology's website and sign up to take part in the deal.