What Makes Spain's Cafe Bombon Unique

Traveling abroad is great because we get to dive into other cultures. We get to leave our comfort zone, calm our minds and of course, have fun. The thrill behind being a foodie and traveling is to discover new flavors and seasonings, and if we are really into coffee, we get a chance to try unique coffee drinks that characterize each country. Forget about Starbucks frappuccinos and soy milk lattes, travelling is about discovering how people around the world drink coffee, especially if we are in countries with a strong coffee culture like Colombia, Italy, Turkey, and more.

In fact, Spain is a country that can be included on that list. Aside from the famous tapas, Spain has tons of coffee shops to have coffee, drinks, or typical Spanish breakfasts. However, coffee in Spain is a bit more traditional and less customizable. Lattes, cappuccinos or frappuccinos are difficult to find. Instead, locals might order café con leche, which means coffee with milk. But, they do have an option that stands out for being unique and more than just a drink, but a dessert: Give it up for Spain's cafe bombon.

Cafe bombon is an espresso drink with condensed milk

According to The Culture Trip, a cafe bombon is made by pouring a shot of espresso over condensed milk. Some consider it a dessert because the condensed milk has a lot of sugar and a caramel-like texture, which is combined with a bitter strong flavor and aroma from the coffee. Its origin is debatable: It actually began in Costa del Azahar but got very popular in Valencia (via Voltage Coffee). Also, the Spanish call it cafe bombon, but similar recipes are found in Thailand or Singapore but with different names.

If you are lucky, you have tried this coffee before or are planning a trip to Spain and cafe bombon is on your to-drink list. But as Your Dream Coffee suggests, this is an easy drink to replicate at home. The ratio is equal parts of espresso and sweetened condensed milk, although some people prefer a nonsugar option like evaporated milk or unsweetened condensed milk. Try serving this in a small espresso glass so you can enjoy the layers and your Instagram followers can enjoy it in your story too. No matter where you enjoy it, the experience of a silky espresso drink will satisfy your sweet tooth and make you strongly consider traveling abroad just for the sake of coffee.