The Unexpected Message On The Bottom Of TAO's Chopstick Holders

Dinner at TAO isn't quite the most budget-friendly meal, with many appetizers costing around $15, according to its menu. And that doesn't even capture the extent of how expensive eating at its New York City Uptown location can be. For example, the upscale Asian fusion restaurant serves up a 12 oz. Imperial Wagyu Ribeye priced at $98.

While some people rave about the food being absolutely amazing, such as The Critics Guide, other reviewers on Tripadvisor have found their experience to be subpar for the price. But something that is almost collectively agreed upon is the strength of its ambiance, with three different levels, dim lighting, and stunning decor (via TAO). Perhaps this might tempt someone to nab some dishware off of their table, to try to recreate a similar dining experience at home.

Recently, one Redditor made a discovery that alluded to the consequences suffered by any potential thief.

Thieves won't be able to hide a chopstick holder's origins

A diner by the name of @hirthquake posted a picture of a TAO chopstick holder in the subreddit @mildlyinteresting. The photo was captioned, "​​The underside of the chopsticks holders at Tao say 'stolen from Tao,'" and showed exactly that. It's easy to assume that many people might be deterred from taking the expensive chopstick holders from the restaurant, but some Redditors interpreted this mark differently.

@Salty-Article3888 saw this as an open invitation to take a pair, writing, "They let you steal them? That's awesome!" Likewise, another user, @Kurotan wrote, "When they want you to steal it. XD."

Even the original poster agreed, describing this design choice as a marketing ploy. They replied to this comment, stating, "Hey, if they know you're going to do it anyways, might as well get some advertising out of it lol."

So if you ever catch yourself in the predicament about stealing something from TAO, don't even try, especially the chopstick holders. If you do, then be prepared to explain where you got them from.