One Reason You Might Want To Take A Photo In The Grocery Store

Only the bravest of warriors take their fresh produce through the self-checkout process at the grocery store. This highly-trafficked arena is fraught with obstacles for those who aren't grocery clerks or don't have photographic memories to recall the codes for each separate item. The expansion of self-checkout in grocery stores nationwide coincides with the COVID-19 pandemic. Stores wanted to increase the options for customers to serve themselves and cut down on interaction with other people, per Grocery Dive.

Self-checkouts accounted for 41% of the checkout system market in 2021. But they can still be a minefield for human errors. The Food Industry Association reported that three out of 10 shoppers will skip purchasing fresh produce if they plan on using the self-checkout lanes. Distinguishing between certain types of similar fruits or veggies can be tricky under pressure, after all.

Don't fall prey to the pitfalls of self-checkout. Arm yourself with this know-how instead.

Keep track of barcodes for self-checkout ease

Your smartphone may be your best friend when you enter the self-checkout line at the grocery store, per an AllRecipes compilation of rules for this part of the shopping experience. Scanning produce can be the most frustrating part of self-checkout. Instead of wasting your time scrolling through the fresh produce options, searching for the correct one to match the item you've selected, take a photo of the product code before you load your choice into the cart. That way, you can simply type in the numbers and bag up your produce.

Grocery Dive reported experts are developing technology to eradicate the barcode system altogether by employing visual recognition software, as well as technology to cut down on self-checkout theft. But until then, snapping a quick photo of the product's code could serve as your quickest route through the process and fastest way out of the store.