Popeyes' BOGO Has A Free Chicken Sandwich For You Before The New Year

With the last week of the year in sight, the most wonderful time of the year is fully upon us. While the holidays can certainly be wonderful, they can also be stressful for many reasons. Buying food in bulk for your entire extended family, purchasing outfits and tickets for festive events, and spending exorbitant amounts on holiday gifts can put a large dent in anyone's wallet. According to a Regions Next Step survey, 42% of Americans connote the majority of their holiday stress with shelling out money (via Business Wire).

Thankfully, a lot of chains are making the blow of holiday spending a little less burdensome by giving customers a few gifts of their own. Pizza Hut is offering customers its Triple Treat Box, which includes a gift-wrapped package including two medium pizzas, each with one topping of your choice, 10 Cinnabon mini rolls, and five breadsticks (via Eat This, Not That). Burger King is hosting 12 days of festivities with a different deal every day from December 6 to 17. Meanwhile, Popeyes has a current BOGO chicken sandwich deal that you might also want to keep on your radar.

By purchasing a chicken sandwich combo, customers can receive one free sandwich

Do you "Love that Chicken?" Whether you like noshing on a chicken sandwich with a friend or simply want to enjoy two chicken handhelds for yourself, Popeyes has got a sweet (or should we say savory) deal for you. According to Chew Boom, if Popeyes' customers order one chicken sandwich combo on the Popeyes app or online, they will also receive one complimentary chicken sandwich with their order. This deal will be live from December 19 through January 1. If the idea of Popeyes' chicken sandwiches already has your mouth watering, you can also whip one of these creations up at home with this copycat Popeyes' chicken sandwich recipe.

Your free chicken sandwich can be blackened, regular, or spicy. After four years in development, Popeyes' blackened chicken was officially added to the menu on November 15, 2022 (via PR Newswire). Served with pickles and mayo on a toasted brioche bun and seasoned with Cajun and Creole spices, this sandwich is very similar to the regular, with one main catch: It has no breading. According to Thrillist, the lack of breading makes the blackened chicken sandwich that's a tasty and healthy alternative.