The Rustic Spoon Decoration Method To Instantly Beautify Your Cake

Even if you have the best cake recipe for any occasion, you may still choose to run to the store and pick up a cake that's already been baked and decorated. Hey, we get it — cakes can be tough. See, the thing is, even if a homemade cake tastes delicious, amateur decorating skills can be off-putting to someone deciding what to take from the dessert table. While that may sound silly at first, we've all had our appetites ruined by Nailed It! cake fails.

Fortunately, there are some cake decorating methods so simple, even the greenest of bakers can master them. Gone are the days of working tirelessly on a homemade dinosaur cake only to have people ask, "What's that supposed to be? A turtle?" Gone are the days of bringing a Safeway bakery cake to the party. Gone are the days of feeling shame for not being on the same level as a professional cake decorator like Duff Goldman. The best part? All you need is a spoon.

You don't have to be a professional cake decorator for this hack

While some pro-bakers recommend decorating tools like icing tips, piping bags, and fancy stencils, you don't actually need any of those to make a pretty cake. In fact, all you need to elegantly frost a cake is a regular spoon. Yes, it's really that easy.

According to Bon Appetit, once you've applied a thick layer of your favorite type of frosting to your cake, you can use the handle or backside of a spoon to create designs in the frosting. You can create stripes, zig-zags, waves, swirls, any pattern your heart desires, simply by "[pressing] down lightly into the frosting" and moving your spoon around.

Not only does this method hide any imperfections in your original frosting layer, it's also super easy to touch up and looks effortlessly rustic. Even better, you can top it all off with some fresh berries or add flowers to your cake — you could even use edible flowers, if you want. Who said decorating a cake had to be an hours-long ordeal?