The Steak Red Flag That's Ending Relationships On TikTok

The internet is an ever-evolving world of its own where funny memes and other trends are born. One trend-slash-meme that seemingly started around October 2021 revolves around the idea of "red flags" and makes use of the red flag emoji, per USA Today. While normally a red flag acts as a warning sign for something truly dangerous, such as extreme weather conditions (via Merriam-Webster), the same idea is used to label and warn other people about various situations or things that people say. A few examples of "red flags" could be if someone likes pineapple on their pizza or if someone refers to European football as soccer.

Big-name companies got in on the funny meme, too. For example, Hot Pockets tweeted that it's a red flag if someone says they've never had Hot Pockets before, and Dr. Pepper tweeted that if a restaurant says they don't have Dr. Pepper, that's a red flag. Now, in a hilarious series of TikTok videos with the #redflag hashtag, people are calling out another serious relationship problem involving how people like their steak cooked. Here's the steak "red flag" that's ending relationships on TikTok.

Ordering a steak well done is supposedly a red flag

TikTok user @thehotdeliverydriver shared a video with the text "When she's a 10 but wants you to grill her steak well done" above his head. In his 10-second TikTok, he holds a piece of steak with tongs and places it on the grill to cook, when he suddenly looks up with a confused and upset expression, seemingly in response to his "girl" asking for her steak well done. In the caption, he wrote three red flag emojis with "your [sic] gonna have to leave the family bbq." Many people in the comments agreed, writing, "Oh no ... she gotta go" and "She's going to shake the whole table cutting it. Then half the night chewing it up. No thanks."

Another TikToker shared a video where he plays two characters, and one asks the other how they like their steak. The second character responds with "Well done," to which the first character "runs" away. Interestingly, a survey by YouGov America from 2019 revealed that 24% of Americans actually prefer their steak well done, while 23% of Americans like their steak medium rare. In another study from the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, it was found that most Americans want their steak either medium or well done, per Fox News. While there's no exact proof that ordering a steak well done is a "red flag," the only thing that matters is that the steak is cooked how the person eating it likes it.