Trader Joe's New Cookie Butter Liqueur Has TikTok Salivating

You read that right, the cult favorite item from Trader Joe's has stepped it up a level and become a whole new product that has Trader Joe's lovers freaking out on social media. The speculoos cookie butter everyone loves is now a cookie butter liqueur that will have you ready for the holidays in no time. While this isn't the first time Trader Joe's has made an alcoholic drink with their cookie butter flavor (see Cookie Butter beer) it is the first hard liquor of its kind. According to a Redditor who posted the new item, Trader Joe's describes it as "a blend of real dairy cream and premium spirits. It's milk-bodied and pleasingly sweet, presenting a smooth balance of flavors. Enjoy over ice for the perfect libation."

Enjoy over ice we will, for only $7.99 it almost feels like a steal, at least for those of us who are able to get our hands on the new adult beverage. Unfortunately, the sweet liquor is sold in select stores located in states that allow Trader Joe's to sell liquor, like California and Colorado (via The Grocery Store Guy). And even then it may be hard to locate. But the lack of availability hasn't stopped TikTok from salivating over the new addition to the shelves at Trader Joe's.

The video announcing the news blew up

After TikToker @traderjoesnew posted a video of them finding the Cookie Butter liqueur in their local store, the video got over 1.5 million views. In the comments, the creator wrote how it tasted exactly "Like cookie butter!! Strong cookie taste and holiday spices." Cookie butter is a spread made up of crushed-up speculoos cookies, a spice biscuit originally made in the Netherlands (via Insider). 

Comments on the TikTok have been blowing up over the new addition to Trader Joe's shelves. However, most fans of the grocery store chain were upset they couldn't get their hands on the goods because of state laws. "Cries in Pennsylvania alcohol laws," one commenter wrote, while another commented, "I'm envious of the states where tj can sell alcohol." 

Others who have been able to get their hands on the drink seem to have loved their experience with it. "COOKIE BUTTER MARTINIS AHHHH," one TikTok commenter wrote, which doesn't sound like a bad idea to us. Many people were writing about how they would use the new beverage — some would add it to coffee or make a drink with it like you would with Bailey's. While it seems it may only be sold in California for now (where the TikTok creator found it), the new product has people ready to add it to anything they can, eager to have that cookie butter flavor in any holiday cocktail they can. Get ready for a boozy end to the holiday season.