This Cooking Method Is Why Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Tastes So Good

Taco Bell has many popular items, but perhaps it's the infamous Crunchwrap Supreme that takes the cake as the chain's most delicious menu offering. According to Google search data between October 2020 to October 2021, 17 states across America consider this iconic dish as their favorite top menu item (per The Waycroft).

There are many reasons to love this Taco Bell specialty — even if it may be one of the most unhealthy items on the chain's menu. But perhaps it is its trademark texture as to why this menu staple is so widely adored. Though the Crunchwrap comes in multiple different variations, it is always made with a dual tortilla shell, in which the one on the inside is hard, giving it its delicious crunch (via CNBC). However, this extra layer isn't the only factor that gives that meal its fabulous consistency. The way in which Crunchwraps are cooked also may be what has contributed to its widespread popularity.

It's all about how a Crunchwrap is cooked

According to The Takeout, what truly makes Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Supreme special is the fact that it is griddled, hence the dark char marks that appear on the outside of the wrapped tortilla. This differs from Taco Bell burritos, which are typically made on a grill that can be pressed down (via Food Network).

The griddled cooking method isn't without purpose. As mentioned before, the Crunchwrap has a unique, dual-tortilla covering. When it is put on the griddle, the outer tortilla closes on the hot surface, which offers balance to the hard, internal tortilla and gooey cheese and sour cream. Griddling gives food an even cook, since it's basically a large, flat, heated surface (via Food Fire Friends). The method primary avoids placing food directly on the heating source, as opposed to a grill and fire. Grills also have openings between the metal, which give food that iconic grill pattern.

So although some may argue that microwaving or air frying a Crunchwrap might be the best way to enjoy your leftovers, consider reheating it on a skillet. After all, that is the way the fast food chain prepares this popular dish, and mimicking this method might get you better results than expected.