TikTok Is Gushing Over The Popcorn Guy's Unique Talent

Did someone say popcorn and a movie? While heading to the movies is exactly what many of us need right now, it seems as though there is one person that is probably more enthusiastic about the idea than any of us. TikTok is having a field day with the "popcorn guy," who was spotted serving the snack to a man waiting to view "Avatar: The Way of Water."

In a viral video that has garnered over 6.2 million views, a Texas movie theater worker playfully filled up a popcorn container to the brim with some interesting techniques and twirls. As a Celine Dion song played in the background, TikTok accurately nicknamed the worker the "popcorn guy" (although his actual name is Jason Grosboll). Grosboll was the true entertainment for the evening with the popular movie destination, Cinemark, commenting, "The vibes we all need in 2023!"

Fans have gotten such a joy out of Grosboll's dedication to the perfect tub of theater popcorn that comedian Jimmy Kimmel even invited him to perform his popcorn skills on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (via Twitter).

'The Popcorn Guy' is headed to the Oscars

According to Delish, Jason Grosboll, now affectionately known as "the popcorn guy," has been in the movie theater game for almost 10 years. And thanks to late-night host Jimmy Kimmel (via Twitter), he'll be scooping up some popcorn for the stars at the 2023 Oscars. Chron reports that the Grosboll will be serving the snack at the event, after a "Jimmy Kimmel Live" segment where the host crowned him "the king of popcorn." Grosboll told Kimmel that fans are now asking for photos and videos of him, featuring his most entertaining popcorn serving skills.

Cinemark posted a new video of the "popcorn guy," and one commenter likened him to Salt Bae – although, let's hope his newfound attention comes with all of the exciting success and none of the restaurant controversies. Paramount Pictures even teased that a surprise was coming Grosboll's way — it's safe to say we are on the edge of our seats to see what that means. See you at the Oscars, popcorn king!