The Yakisoba Noodles Costco Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of

If you were to talk to any die-hard Costco fan, they'd probably start listing off Costco food items you need to try before you die – the bakery goods, the $5 rotisserie chickens, and pretty much anything at the food court. In some cases, this can be helpful in deciding what items you want to try for yourself.

Reddit offers a similar experience, in the event that you don't have a Costco-loving friend to ask for advice. Countless Reddit threads share shoppers' favorite Costco items, as well as product reviews, recipe ideas, and even small-batch alternatives.

A recent Reddit post included all sorts of helpful information regarding Costco's yakisoba noodle kit, which allows you to make your own Japanese stir-fry at home. As you might expect, most people were over the moon for this product, but those who weren't as thrilled offered their own solutions. So let's take a look at what everyone's saying about the noodles, shall we?

Reddit has nothing but love for Costco's yakisoba noodle kit

Yakisoba, considered by many to be among the best Japanese foods, recently found a new level of fame at Costco. Reddit user Starstufft posted about Costco's yakisoba noodle kits, rating them "10/10." These kits, found in the "cold fresh" or service deli area at Costco, received much praise from other Redditors as well. Some people called it their "favorite," and recommended adding extra veggies or even pieces of Costco's rotisserie chicken. Others noted that the meal kits were quick and easy to prepare, and even "reheat amazingly well."

Although a few Redditors complained about the price (approximately $11.99 for a 6-pack, according to Everyday Fun Finds), they offered alternatives. One person noted that the noodles and sauce could be purchased separately, with a pack of noodles costing about $4 and a similar sauce from 3 Dragons only costing a few dollars more. This might be for the best, however, as the kits do not seem to be available on Costco's website at the moment.