The Two Ingredients TikTok Swears By For Costco's Copycat Chocolate Muffins

Many of us are familiar with wholesale warehouse-style stores such as Sam's Club, BJ's, and Costco, per Bob Vila. These stores are convenient for a lot of people because they sell products in bulk, so you can stock up or buy plenty for large families at pretty good deals. The caveat is that these types of stores do require paid memberships, but for many people, it's worth it for all of the perks. Of course, the biggest perk for many people is the savings on food items, but many wholesale warehouse stores have other services.

Costco, for example, has clothes, home goods, a pharmacy, a vision center, a photo printing center, discounts on travel, and so much more, per NBC. Costco also has a bakery with lots of items including chocolate chip cookies, croissants, baguettes, French bread, apple pie, and more, per Costco. The chocolate muffins from Costco are particularly favored among fans, and thankfully, two TikTok users are sharing their copycat recipes for Costco's chocolate muffins if you run out and crave more. However, there are two ingredients that you definitely need to use to get it right.

You'll need instant pudding mix and cake mix to replicate Costco's muffins

TikTok user @homeeccourtney shared their Costco chocolate muffin copycat recipe, and it requires eggs, oil, milk, water, sour cream or yogurt, chocolate chips, and two unique ingredients: chocolate cake mix and instant pudding mix. That's right! The cake and pudding mixes are essential for this copycat recipe. Once scooped into muffin liners in a muffin tray, they are baked, of course, and come out of the oven looking just like Costco's chocolate muffins. In another copycat recipe, TikTok user @sourdoughsoph uses all of the same ingredients but adds a bit more chocolate chips than @homeeccourtney, which is totally fine because the end product looks the same. So, if you like things a little less chocolate-y, you can also add less chocolate chips.

The commenters under @sourdoughsoph's TikTok were super excited about the copycat Costco muffin recipe and said that they tasted like the real thing. The great thing about this copycat recipe is that it's versatile. So, you can use vanilla pudding and vanilla cake mix if you want regular chocolate chip muffins, and you can also use applesauce if you don't have oil. Additionally, non-dairy milks can be used in place of the dairy milk, and one person suggested using coffee instead of milk and water to enhance the flavor of the chocolate.