Here's Why Putting Frozen Food Straight Into Hot Oil Is A Terrible Idea

Though it may be tempting to throw those french fries or frozen chicken tenders right into the hot oil you've prepared for them for a quick-and-easy meal, it's probably best to hold off on that until learning more about hot-oil safety. There are a lot of big mistakes everyone makes with frozen foods, but don't let how you cook them be one. Dealing with hot oil is a tricky situation, with lots of safety measures playing into what to do and what not to do. Hot oil can cause grease fires or intense burns if not used properly, so it's best you know what to do when it comes to the frozen foods you have sitting in your freezer.

When water and hot oil clash, it creates a reaction that can be a little scary. The water evaporates quickly which causes steam to move throughout the oil and the oil reacts by spitting out at you. This is where injury can come in (via Kitchen Snitches). While it isn't a never-do situation, putting frozen food into your cooking oil does cause an unsafe environment for you. It's best to follow any safety guidelines when it comes to using hot oil so you protect yourself, and your kitchen, when you're ready to fry up that frozen food.

The safest way to put frozen food into hot oil

If you're really craving those perogies in your freezer or some frozen dumplings from your local grocery store, you need to know the best way to saute or fry them without causing injury to yourself or your kitchen. If you need to fry your frozen food, it is allowed but you have to be cautious when doing it. First, shake off any ice crystals that may be attached to the food. This will allow less ice to actually interact with the oil, causing less sputtering. We also recommend sticking to breaded food like chicken nuggets so your food isn't completely filled with oil after you're done cooking it (via Fresh From the Freezer).

If your food is too frozen to where it's looking like no ice is going to come off, try thawing it out before putting it in the hot oil. This will save you from a lot of the ducking and diving that usually happens when you cook your favorite frozen food. We also recommend just using an air fryer if you can, to avoid not only the danger of hot oil but also the clean-up that comes with oil splattering all over your stove. Less splatter means a safer and cleaner cooking experience for you as a whole, which is all we really want for you.