Here's What's Actually In Subway's Massive Feast Sub

Like all other fast food chains, Subway has its own stash of secret menu items. Many of these so-called "secret" items are actually just sandwiches that were taken off the official menu, like the Chicken Cordon Bleu, the Chicken Parmesan, and the "Old Cut." Others are simply new creations, like the Grilled Cheese sub or the Sweet and Sour Chicken sub, which is made by mixing the red wine vinaigrette and the sweet onion sauce, per Fast Food Menu Prices.

Another item on Subway's secret menu is the Feast. Technically this sandwich falls into the category of being a discontinued menu item, but over the years, its legendary ingredient lineup has been recreated by sandwich artists unfamiliar with the original formula. As such, you can expect renditions of the Feast to have a few different combinations of ingredients because sandwich artists disagree on the exact number of slices of each meat included.

Modern recreations aside, what was in the original Feast sandwich? What was it about this sandwich that brought it back to life, if only on the secret menu? What kind of sandwich monstrosity are we missing out on?

Subway's secret 'Feast' sandwich is truly a feast

Based solely on the name, you'd have to guess that Subway's Feast sandwich is going to be huge, stuffed with just about every ingredient available. And honestly, that guess isn't too far off from the truth. According to Restaurant Clicks, the Feast is "the ultimate meat lover's paradise," and combines the BMT and Club sandwiches still available on the regular menu. The Feast comes stacked with five different kinds of meat –- salami, ham, roast beef, turkey, and pepperoni –- as well as whichever cheeses, veggies, and sauces you'd like.

All that said, some Redditors were a little confused about the original formula for the sandwich. In one Reddit thread, Subway employees disagreed over the actual amounts of each kind of meat. One person claimed the sandwich had "6 salami, 6 pepperonis, 4 turkeys, 6 ham, 4 roast beef," while someone else argued should only be "4 ham." In another thread, Reddit users described several different ways they ring the sandwich up, as the Feast is no longer in the system. One sandwich artist commented, "We would charge it for every meat it has on it," whereas others rang it up as a similar sandwich, like a double meat club. 

Regardless, the sandwich isn't cheap, costing anywhere from $9.75 to $20, depending on how employees ring it up.