64% Of Foodies Want To See This West Coast Fast Food Chain Expand - Mashed Survey

Whether you're traveling to the West Coast for the sights or the destinations, there's no denying that this region is a foodie's paradise. The Market at DelVal reported that food on the West Coast is fresher than on the east coast for a few reasons. First of all, most of the produce in the United StatesĀ is actually grown there, so it doesn't have to travel as far. And, the climate is perfect for growing, whereas the humidity on the East CoastĀ can cause produce to rot faster.

From fish tacos to avocado toast, the West Coast is positioned on the cutting edge of the culinary world, according to Food By Design. Chefs often embrace new technology and trends before the rest of the world and some people go their whole lives hoping to sample some of the West Coast's fast food chains. A Mashed exclusive survey recently revealed which fast food restaurant from the Best Coast customers most want to see more of.

Survey indicates customers want In-N-Out Burger

No one does fast food like the West Coast. An exclusive survey from Mashed indicated that there are a few options that foodies are dying to see grow across the country. For starters, 64% of the 622 people surveyed said they wanted In-N-Out Burger to start expanding. Not many chains have the cult following of In-N-Out, according to Inc. This chain specializes in burgers, fries, shakes, and sodas, and it's known for doing those items well, in addition to using only fresh ingredients instead of frozen. And, don't eat at In-N-Out Burger unless you're prepared to choose between fresh and grilled onions.

Food lovers from the middle of the country and to the east are also interested in sampling the goods from Taco Time. About 13% said they would pick this spot to expand, followed by Burgerville with 8.84%, Farmer Boys with 8.2%, and King Taco, which garnered 5.31% of the votes.