The Egg Swap That Doesn't Sacrifice Texture In Vegan Pudding

Whether you're planning to cash in on the health benefits of vegan life, or you're looking to curb your environmental impact, there are plenty of reasons to go plant-based. Much like everything else in the cooking world, the road to preparing delicious vegan food is often paved with a sharp learning curve. From under-seasoning to choosing the wrong ingredients, it can take a while to get the hang of vegan cooking, according to One Green Planet.

Before starting the vegan diet, it's important to know what you can substitute for dairy products in a recipe, per Veg Kitchen. For example, you can substitute non-dairy milk in almost all cases, and store shelves are typically stocked with vegan cheese options.

But if you venture to attempt a vegan pudding, you'll be stepping into treacherous territory because puddings are typically thickened with egg yolks, per Delishably. However, seasoned vegan cooks know the secret thickening agent that will give you a rich pudding texture without any of the animal products.

Cornstarch delivers thickness, dreamy texture

If you're looking to up your vegan dessert game by whipping up some pudding, don't balk at the fact that many pudding recipes derive thickness and creamy texture from egg yolks, per Delishably. There's one secret ingredient that can deliver the same results, and you probably have it stocked in your pantry. A chocolate coconut milk pudding from The Spruce Eats meets the requirements for being vegan by prescribing cornstarch to perform this function.

The first step in this recipe requires mixing cornstarch with cold water. This mixture then gets incorporated in the final step to thicken the pudding. Many recipes call for a cornstarch paste as an egg substitute, according to Food. Usually, it's best to use one tablespoon of cornstarch and three tablespoons of water. The water should be cold. Once they are combined, you can incorporate the mixture gradually until you achieve the thickness you desire.