Here's How You Should Spread Mayo On A Burger

People may be passionate about the condiments they top their burger with, but how about the way they spread them? There is enough discourse on the internet about whether or not condiments should be poured all over the fries, or if they should be served alongside them, with Breakfast Television asking a variety of people, all of whom provided different responses. So, why isn't the same energy channeled toward burgers?

Mayonnaise is a popular burger ingredient, with some people even arguing that it's more essential than ketchup. According to Esquire, mayo simply compliments the umami taste of a burger, as it is both neutral and creamy, compared to ketchup's sometimes tangy and punchy taste. However, when spreading mayo on your burger, be mindful of your technique. 

According to Allrecipes, there is only one correct way to spread mayo on a burger to maximize the mouthfeel (not flavor) when it is consumed.

A little bit goes a long way

Mayo lovers are extremely passionate about their condiment of choice. Some people go absolutely wild with it — putting it in everything from chocolate cake to quiche (via Southern Living).

But, believe it or not, mayo is best used in minimal amounts (on burgers, at least). This is mainly due to its trademark texture. Because it's egg-based, it is extremely creamy and takes up a lot of space. Therefore, it can easily overpower the burger in serving sizes that are too generous. Furthermore, Art of Manliness recommends applying mayo to the bottom bun, rather than the top bun. This is because its thickness can be used as a shield to prevent the bottom layer from getting too wet from the juices of the burger.

So, while individual preferences should dictate most burger-to-condiment ratios, with mayo, Allrecipes argues there is only one way to apply it to a burger.