Reddit Is Already Slamming Taco Bell's Wings

Although we can understand restaurants wanting to branch out in terms of menu offerings, there comes a point where it's just too much. Perhaps one of the best examples of this is McDonald's pizza. And you don't see that around anymore, do you? Exactly.

For better or for worse, Taco Bell is particularly prone to exploring other food avenues. Maybe this would be fine if the chain didn't stray so far from its usual faux-Mexican fare. As such, we've seen a lot of major flops in Taco Bell's history, from seafood salad to the naked egg taco. If you're not sure what those are, you might want to keep it that way.

Despite all these failed attempts to expand the Taco Bell menu beyond just tacos and burritos, Taco Bell recently came back with yet another oddball offer: chicken wings. This could be great coming from KFC, McDonald's, or even Burger King, but Taco Bell? Sorry, TB, but we're already cringing — and so are the folks on Reddit.

Taco Bell is trying too hard with its new chicken wings

No one asked Taco Bell to add chicken wings to its menu, but here we are. The Taco Bell wings are sold as a five-piece entree, with "Mexican queso seasoning" and spicy ranch on the side for dipping. A single order costs around $6.99.

As you might expect, Reddit isn't exactly loving this new menu item. Over in the Taco Bell subreddit, one person commented, "I love wings as much as the next guy, but this does not look worth it." That's more than fair — as others pointed out, you're paying more than a dollar per wing. Someone else asked, "Why would anybody go to Taco Bell for wings?" Indeed, if people want wings, they go to a place like Buffalo Wild Wings. Over on Instagram, the response was similarly tepid, with most of the comments demanding the return of other menu items instead, like Nacho Fries and chicken rolled tacos.

However, a few people had nicer things to say about Taco Bell's wings. One Redditor noted that although the wings were small, they enjoyed the flavors and "[couldn't] wait to steal some of the seasoning to use at home." Others on the subreddit noted that the wings were "pretty expensive for what they are," but decent nonetheless.