Why It's Important To Save The Label When Freezing Meat

If you efficiently use the space in your freezer, you'll save money, time, and effort in the kitchen. According to Safe Food, some items, like vegetables, will keep in the freezer for up to a year, while others don't last as long. Proper freezing protocol is important for ensuring both the safety and quality of the food you're storing.

If you fail to freeze your foods properly, you'll face a few risks. The Washington Post reported that microorganisms proliferate as food thaws. That's not all: Sometimes the large ice crystals that form can change the consistency of your food. It's important to keep your freezer temperature consistently below zero degrees to prevent any bacterial growth and stop those pesky ice crystals from wreaking havoc once you close the door. It's also possible that there are some foods you're storing in your freezer that you shouldn't be, like fried items and potatoes.

It's particularly important to use caution when storing meat in the freezer. There are certain rules of thumb that will keep these proteins safely packed away, which is why you may want to save the label on the package your meat came in.

Organize your freezer by saving labels

Meats can survive in the freezer for anywhere from two months to a year, according to The Washington Post, depending on the type of meat, how it's processed, and whether it's cooked. Readers' Digest stressed the importance of saving your labels if you opt to stash your meat purchases in the freezer. This will help you keep track of what kind of meat you're storing, how much it weighs, and when you bought it. Items like burgers should be frozen individually, as should meatballs, but be sure to keep track of essential product information either way.

Retaining pertinent information like food packaging is also a key factor in keeping your freezer organized, per The New York Times. This freezer storage trick will streamline your selections. If you don't save the original labels, it's a good idea to label your food with freezer-safe tape and permanent markers. Ultimately, you won't regret writing down the information that will help you the most.