TikTok Knows How Many SpaghettiOs It Takes To Write Lord Of The Rings

Have you ever wondered how many SpaghettiOs it would take to rewrite the entire "Lord of the Rings" trilogy book series? Thankfully, one TikTok user actually answered that question for us, but you may be thinking "How does someone even think of something like this?" Well, it all started when someone commented on a TikTok posted by @tsj_electronics where they calculate the amount of SpaghettiOs needed to rewrite the entire script for "Bee Movie." For those that don't know, "Bee Movie" came out in 2007 and follows the adventures of an animated bee who is voiced by Jerry Seinfeld, and the movie quickly became a popular meme on the internet, per Know Your Meme. In case you were wondering, the original poster found that you'd need about 192 cans to rewrite the whole "Bee Movie" script.

That TikTok was so popular that SpaghettiOs actually commented "It's the dedication for us." However, what inspired @tsj_electronics to see how many SpaghettiOs it takes to rewrite the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy was when TikTok user @donmarshall72 commented ".....has humanity gone too far?" on @tsj_electronics' "Bee Movie" TikTok. Because @donmarshall72 describes themselves as the "obscure Lord of the Rings facts guy," @tsj_electronics replied to their comment by posting a TikTok where they calculate just how many SpaghettiOs are needed to accomplish this task.

It would take about 8,795 cans of SpaghettiOs

TikTok user @tsj_electronics walks us through how they were able to figure out how many cans of SpaghettiOs it takes to rewrite the entire "Lord of the Rings" trilogy book series. First, they had to find how many letters the average can of SpaghettiOs has, which is then uploaded to a program that converts books to SpaghettiOs. One can of SpaghettiOs typically has about 1,182 letters, with the most being the letter "O" at 441 occurrences. Next, they figure out the total number of letters in the entire LotR trilogy, reaching 2,261,081. When putting all the figures into the special program, it's revealed that 8,795 cans of SpaghettiOs are needed, which would cost about $12,225.05.

Being the "obscure Lord of the Rings facts guy," TikTok user @donmarshall72 reacted to @tsj_electronics' TikTok about the SpaghettiOs and was shocked and impressed by the entire process, from finding out about the program that converts books to SpaghettiOs to saying, "You absolute madman," when the final can count is revealed. Lots of commenters were also enthralled by the obscure fact, leaving comments such as, "That's it, he wins the internet. We're done here," and, "This kind of data makes me insanely happy ... This is what technology is for." There you have it; that's your obscure "Lord of the Rings" fact for the day!