The Ingredient Swap That Will Majorly Upgrade Your Espresso Martini

Espresso martinis were the "it" drink of 2022, making the top 10 list of most ordered cocktails in the United States, according to CGA Strategy. Perhaps people love it for its uniquely bittersweet flavor, which comes from the shot of espresso mixed with the Kahlua and vodka. Or maybe it's the boost of energy people get from the drink, found in the coffee it's infused with (via Mr Black Spirits).

The sky-high popularity has led to people making their own versions of the viral beverage, with matcha and chai martinis also becoming increasingly known options at bars. The drink's classic vodka base can also be swapped, with tequila becoming a recently-made popular substitution, according to users on TikTok. But there's one lesser-known swap that can pump up the typical espresso martini, and it's only one trip to the liquor store away. Or maybe, you even have it on your bar cart already.

Cognac can add some fruity flair to your martini

Cognac is a spirit full of history and flavor, originating in the Cognac region of France and is warm and rich in taste (via The Crafty Cask). Similar to another French-specific alcoholic beverage, champagne, it is made out of grapes that can only be picked out of that specific location (via Cognac Expert). In terms of taste, Cognac Expert describes it as fruity, spicy, and bitter, and this diverse flavor profile makes it perfect to pair with the sharp coffee notes of an espresso martini.

Vinepair recommends using a high-grade Cognac in your next caffeinated cocktail, and there is a great variation for every single budget. Rémy Martin XO is a widely-known brand of high-quality brandy, but Town and Country Magazine names Hennessy Black and Bisquit & Dubouché Cognac VSOP as great cheaper alternatives. Or visit your local Costco, as there is a Kirkland variation of this popular brandy. The choice is yours.