The Flavor Difference Between Sour Cream And Cream Cheese Pound Cake

For lovers of classic desserts, there's nothing quite like an old-school pound cake. Dense all the way through with a nice crumble, these traditional cakes consisted of four basic ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. However, the reason for the on-point name lies in the measurements. For it to be a true pound cake recipe, you should have exactly one pound of each of the four ingredients, as per Taste of Home. However, if you like to thumb your nose at tradition, or at the very least are constantly on the lookout for how to kick old recipes up a notch, then there are definitely a few ways you can play around with this standard cake.

If you enjoy a tangy bite to your dessert, then add a generous squeeze of lemon with some freshly grated zest and cream it into the butter of your next pound cake. Don't forget to add the tang to your silk icing as well. If you enjoy your moist and creamy elements, then you may enjoy the addition of sour cream or even cream cheese while you are whipping up your next gorgeous gateau. But how will these ingredients help to make your dessert stand out? Let's see what the flavor difference is between the two.

What does adding sour cream or cream cheese mean for the taste of your pound cake?

If you are thinking of popping in an additional flare to your next pound cake, then consider adding sour cream to the cake. By simply smoothing in equal parts sour cream to butter you will find that it adds a rich, creamy, and tangy bite to the finish of your pound cake. This will ensure that there won't be a dry cake in site, instead, it should stay moist and buttery as well as have an unmistakably bouncier texture that is reminiscent of a nice banana muffin, according to Southern Living.

Instead of sour cream, you should try blending in some cream cheese for another play on the traditional recipe. The difference may be subtle at first, but you will surely notice how much richer and tangier the cake is because of the bonus cream cheese. Plus the unbelievable aroma fills your kitchen as you bake. You can fluff the silky cream cheese right in with the room-temperature butter to create a nice smooth start to your next pound cake. Although both ingredients would be sure to add much-needed moisture and creaminess to your cake, sour cream will give you more tang, and cream cheese will come through with the velvety smoothness.