The Costco Copycat Raspberry Crumble Cookie On TikTok Uses A Genius Mason Jar Hack

As every Costco member knows, this warehouse grocery store has a little bit of everything, from luggage and clothing to electronics and coffee. Another thing that Washington-based chain features? Delicious desserts. From Costco's fresh-baked pumpkin pie to its David's Cookies 9 Rainbow Cake, many of this discount chain's sweet treats have become coveted fan favorites amongst customers (via Restaurant Clicks). One highly sought-after baked good is Costco's raspberry crumble cookies. 

Customers have raved about this fruity cookie on all corners of the web, from Reddit to Instagram. When Instagram user @costcobuys dedicated a post to this product, many followers took to the comment section to gush about these fruity cookies. "Best cookies in the world," one user wrote, while another user commented, "my husband ate six today." Enough said! Some people, including The Pypers Kitchen, have even tried to make this treat at home. 

In this home baker's TikTok tutorial, The Pypers Kitchen demonstrated an innovative technique making it easy for anyone to whip up these cookies in their own kitchen. 

The Pypers Kitchen is helping make raspberry crumble cookies accessible to all

In their TikTok tutorial, user @thepyperskitchen starts off their crumble cookie process by putting a handful of ingredients in a kitchen aid, including butter, icing sugar, flour, vanilla, and almond extract, and mixing everything together (via The Pypers Kitchen). Things get interesting when the home chef creatively uses mason jar lids as the molds for their crumble cookies. The Pypers Kitchen scoops bits of their cookie mixture and presses it down into the mason jar lid before adding raspberry jam and more crumble mixture on top. If you've always wanted to buy mason jars, you now have another reason to do so!

While home-baked goods are often more delicious than store-bought treats, there are other reasons why recreating Costco's raspberry crumble cookies may be easier than buying them in-store. For one, these cookies are extremely popular. According to Papi Eats, these cookies are hard to find, and he recommends that interested parties "buy them when you see them." 

Additionally, like some of the other best desserts you can buy at Costco, these cookies are seasonal and can not be purchased year-round. One Costco bakery team member revealed on Reddit that because these cookies are a seasonal item, "they won't be permanent...enjoy them while they last." Thankfully, even if you can't get your hand on these Costco cookies, you always have homemade versions to fall back on!