The 2-Ingredient Gnocchi That's Lighting Up TikTok

It's safe to say that everyone loves a simple recipe. Whether you're a college student on the go, a parent dropping off kids at sports practice or just someone that loves simplicity, most of us appreciate saving time when it comes to cooking a meal. That is especially the case for this two-ingredient gnocchi recipe from Jamie Oliver that's lighting up TikTok. Gnocchi is a dumpling from Northern Italy that's traditionally made with mashed potato, egg, and flour and is served in a butter, ragú, or tomato sauce, according to Pasta Evangelists. Interestingly, gnocchi can be made from all sorts of ingredients other than just potato.

One variation of gnocchi is known as malfatti and is made with flour, ricotta, and spinach. On that same note, other cheeses, herbs, and vegetables may also be used to make different types of gnocchi. Per Food Network, it's also possible to make gnocchi with just ricotta cheese, flour, and egg. Furthermore, before potatoes could be found in Europe, gnocchi was made with squash and breadcrumbs, and it wasn't until the 16th century that Italians first got their hands on potatoes and began using them to make gnocchi (via Pasta Evangelists). As mentioned above, Chef Oliver recently shared his variation of gnocchi, and it only takes two simple ingredients.

The simple gnocchi hack

Chef @jamieoliver recently posted a TikTok where his mentor Gennaro Contaldo shared his gnocchi recipe that only needs two ingredients — and potato isn't one of them. On TikTok, Contaldo, who is from Italy and taught Oliver all about Italian cooking (via Gennaro Contaldo), begins by bringing some water to a simmer and adding flour. He then mixes the two ingredients together until they form a dough ball and kneads it on a wooden board. The next steps Contaldo shares are to cut the dough into slices, roll it out into long logs, and cut each log into small squares of dough. To create that classic gnocchi look and shape, he uses a gnocchi roller board, but you can also use the back of a fork.

You could then use whatever sauce you'd like to serve with your gnocchi. However, Contaldo demonstrates how to make a quick, simple sauce that includes garlic, rosemary, olive oil, chili pepper, cannellini beans, water, and tomato sauce. Because it's freshly made gnocchi, it only takes about a minute to cook in boiling water. Commenters under Oliver's TikTok were loving the simple, quick pasta dish, with one person writing "Yess, fresh, fast, delicious. Love it!" It looks like this is one cooking hack that is definitely worth a try next time you're craving some fresh gnocchi.