The Bread Slice Hack To Save Your Air Fryer From Excess Grease

Chances are you can either vouch for how easy cooking with an air fryer is for yourself, or you've encountered someone who has praised the air fryer for making their life so much simpler. These modern gadgets have certainly changed the kitchen landscape and conversation around home cooking. Though cooking something in the air fryer may take half as long as in the oven, according to Delish, there is still one major challenge when it comes to using an air fryer — how in the world do you keep it clean?

From how often you clean your air fryer to how you go about cleaning it, there is a lot to consider when it comes to the upkeep of your beloved appliance. But, what if there was a trick to prevent your air fryer from getting quite so greasy in the first place? One way might be to avoid cooking cheese, wet battered foods, or things that are overseasoned in the device. According to Insider, that trio can lead to a big ol' mess. Another trick employs the use of an ingredient you may already have in your cupboard.

How bread can prevent some of that air fryer mess

Air frying can be a healthier option than deep frying, according to Eating Well. The outlet explains that food absorbs less oil when air fried as compared to being deep-fried. But as anyone who has cooked with an air fryer knows, cleaning up an air fryer can still be a greasy business. The Takeout explains that foods that sit in the basket of an air fryer like burgers, bacon, and chicken can leave some grease in the bottom of that basket. Not only is the sight potentially less-than-appetizing, but the struggle to clean it up can be all too real.

To reduce the amount of grease in the basket in the first place, The Takeout has a strategy that might be worth a try. The outlet suggests placing a slice of sandwich bread between the basket and the air fryer bin. The idea is that bread soaks up the oil, leaving less of a mess — and hopefully less time you have to spend cleaning! From there, Good Housekeeping recommends putting the dirty basket in the dishwasher or using a bottle brush to scrub it clean.

But, remember, even if you're left craving an after-dinner snack after the cleanup, don't even think about eating that greasy piece of bread!