Reddit Can't Decide What To Call That End Piece Of Bread

In the food world, there are lists of ultra specific terms that only the most dedicated of foodies would know. Among these are the words salmagundi, which typically refers to a mixed salad of fish, meat, and vegetables, and brunoise, which is a method of dicing vegetables.

Though these particular phrases might be best applied to the fine dining world, there are also a plethora of terms that we have for everyday food items that aren't common knowledge. For example, when baking, cream and eggs are often common ingredients because they liaison the mixture. Toast defines the term as, "a binding agent of cream and egg yolks used to thicken soups or sauces." The more you know!

Bread is also a common food that many of us eat on a day-to-day basis, yet a lot of people might not know the specific term for its end parts. And the people who do may not see eye-to-eye, as shown by this Reddit thread.

Many languages have a specific term for this piece

People certainly get passionate about defending their specific phrase for end of bread, as shown by this Reddit thread.

"Skalk," which is used in Norway and Sweden, was one popular way of referring to it, as evidenced by one user's comment. According to Yahoo News, skalk roughly translates to heel in English. According to Cambridge Dictionary, the proper term for the end piece of bread is indeed "heel." A lot of people commented other variations in different languages, including "dupka" (Polish), "knust" (Germany), and "la tapa" (Spanish). There were also a handful of people who just simply called it, "the end piece." The "butt" of the bread is also another popular informal term that a lot of bread enthusiasts liked. 

Nonetheless, whether you're on Team "end piece" or Team "heel," many people are in agreement that getting the end piece of a loaf of bread is the best part. Just like people enjoy eating the corner brownie, something about the end piece is so crispy and delicious, which is why it is so beloved.