Taco Bell Hilariously Trolls Its Own Followers On Twitter

In the United States, hungry people flock to fast food restaurants for their offerings of delicious meals and cheap prices. But if you spend some time online, you'll see that many food chains also attract hordes of people to their social media accounts, and most of the time, it's not to see what their current menu listings are.

Fast food spots like Taco Bell have established popular presences on Twitter, with the chain's account now boasting over 2 million followers and posts that regularly go viral. Most interestingly, all of the restaurant's tweets read as if the restaurant has a mind of its own. "Anyone want to sip Baja Blasts and gossip in the car about everyone you went to high school with?" one tweet reads. "Normalize putting your Taco Bell order in your online dating profile," reads another one.

Honestly, it's only fitting that America's favorite taco spot would also be funny — and one tweet, in particular, proves just how great their sense of humor is.

Taco Bell has feelings too

Having had enough of its customers begging to resurrect discontinued menu items, Taco Bell jokingly called out its own followers. "It's always 'bring back ___' never 'how are you?'" the restaurant tweeted. The post gained over 993,000 views, with many fans poking back at the chain. "How are you? Also, can you bring back nacho fries?" one person's tweet reads. "If you brought back volcano tacos we could ask 'how are you,'" another tweet reads.

Other food chains joined in on the fun. "We've never related to something more," Baskin-Robbins tweeted. "Relatable," Little Caesar's Pizza replied. Regal Movie Theaters even joked, "bring back 'how are you's,'" to which Taco Bell responded "agreed."

We hear you, Taco Bell. It's clear that you feel like no one cares about your well-being, so, we wish you many more 'how are you's' to come. But while you're reading this, we were just wondering if you can bring back the taco salad?