This Valentine's Day, Babybel Wants You To Lose Your V-Card

Last year, Babybel released a plant-based version of its iconic mozzarella cheese wheel, which made this classic school lunch snack even more accessible. But not only is this vegan cheese doing well among schoolchildren, but adults are really enjoying it too, with Vegan Food and Living calling it, "one of the most successful vegan cheese makeovers yet!"

During Veganuary in 2022, Babybel launched its vegan cheese (via Vegan Food and Living). Naturally, the product was a huge success. And now, to incorporate the mini cheese wheel into other bites other than a quick lunch, people have taken to other innovative ways to enjoy this classic snack, including on more romantic dishes like charcuterie boards (via Krazy Kitchen Mom).

Now that Veganuary 2023 is coming to an end, Babybel is hoping to capitalize on this interest in its vegan cheese, and expose consumers to plant-based eating. Here's how they plan to do so.

A delicious date idea from Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen

This Valentine's Day, Babybel challenges its audience to lose their V-card. Before your mind goes to the gutter, Babybel defines the term "V-card" as a short for "vegan card." However, you have to admit, the company's slogan is the perfect play on words for the holiday of love.

Babybel wants its customers to try being plant-based with a special someone, and teamed up with Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen to assemble a Babybel First Time Experience Kit. The kit is equipped with a heart-shaped box of Babybel's vegan cheese and, "two matching and ultra-soft robes, a cozy blanket, a snacking board, and a set of wine glasses," according to a press release. The idea not only makes for a romantic date, but it forces a couple to try something new together, which The Center for Marriage and Family Relationships states is what keeps a marriage healthy.

So, when scoping out plans for Valentine's Day, you can add trying plant-based foods to the list of date night possibilities for a romantic and delicious charcuterie board.