Burger King Thailand Just Dropped A Hershey's Chocolate Burger

There's a long list of interesting avant-garde burgers and burritos (yes, you read that correctly) in Burger King history. The Halloween Whopper completely flopped as CBS News reported the burger turning people's poop green –– definitely a stain on The King's good name. Then there was the Whopperito, which Business Insider dubbed a "hamburger-burrito hybrid," made a strong impression on its audience as a small but mighty cohort of Whopperito diehards are still petitioning for the chain to bring it back. Burger King always has something to keep its customers on their toes.

Both Burger King's marketing department and its research and development department certainly have their work cut out for them as they each seem to top themselves when it comes to experimental releases. The chain recently went viral for its catchy assortment of Whopper commercials that have the internet in shambles (via YouTube). However, the burger giant is going viral once more for introducing a controversial kind of burger to southeast Asia.

The Chocolate Whopper comes with a full chocolate menu

Burger King Thailand recently unveiled a new Chocolate King menu that comes complete with four variations of chocolate Whoppers, three chocolate beverages, a choco pie, and chocolate drizzled french fries. Users on Reddit are skeptical of the new menu as some are still unsure of the idea of mixing sweet and savory. "The fries would be good, but idk about the burger," commented one user. Some have already made up their mind about the new burgers with another user commenting, "That looks absolutely awful." Tough break, BK.

BK Thailand's Chocolate Whopper is not the first instance of Hershey's and Burger King collaborating to bring chocolate burgers to the masses. What began as an April Fools' joke in 2018 quickly turned into a reality two years later when Burger King Taiwan debuted its Hershey's Chocolate Whopper, per HypeBeast. According to Brand Eating, the chain also released a Chocolate Melt Burger in Malaysia in 2021, and for a limited time, a Chocolate Whopper in Singapore. Brand Eating details that the burger will contain regular fixings such as onions and bacon, with a few sweet extras like Hershey's chocolate sauce and a chocolate-flavored bun. The chain also released a commercial conceptualizing the birth of this chocolate burger. It is in Thai, but the visuals are captivating.