KFC Is Bringing Chicken Wraps To The Masses

When a craving for KFC strikes, it's often a hankering for something crispy that comes in a bucket. The chicken chain sold its first bucket in 1957, and it held 15 pieces of chicken, a whole pint of gravy, and biscuits, per American History. The idea behind the bucket was to provide some relief for the women who were largely at home cooking during that time.

Now, according to Nation's Restaurant News, KFC has a different objective. The company wants to attract younger customers while still serving its existing clientele, which is largely an older group. KFC's fried chicken is delicious, but the chain is shifting toward more portable, versatile, and boneless menu items, which began in 2021 with the chicken sandwich. Overall this effort is intended to modernize the brand, said KFC's Chief Marketing Officer Nick Chavez. "We hear amazing stories about KFC experiences. Sometimes those stories come with a past tense. We want people to discover those new moments that can be found in our food and experience today," Chavez said.

KFC's newest option checks off a lot of boxes on the way to achieving these goals.

KFC will bring the wrap back February 6

KFC began testing Fried Chicken Wraps at some locations in Atlanta back in October, according to Thrillist. Starting February 6, they'll be available nationwide, per Nation's Restaurant News. The company hopes that this bid to create snackable options that can be enjoyed any time of day will reach a younger demographic.

Wraps have been a popular fast food option in the past. The McDonald's Snack Wrap debuted in 2006, and KFC attempted to make a wrap popular on its menu following that in 2007. It was discontinued in 2014, TODAY reported, but fans have been imploring KFC to bring it back. In fact, customers started a Change.org petition in 2019 asking the chicken chain to please, please give the people what they want. KFC answered, and customers will be able to get two wraps for $5.

Wraps aren't the only new menu items that KFC has its sights set on. The company is seeing how well chicken nuggets sell in locations in Charlotte, North Carolina.