Shake Shack's New Menu Includes White Truffles Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Shake Shack's mission of "doing something good" begins with its food. The chain is known for burgers, hot dogs, and custard, and it's even more known for doing them well, according to QSR. A secret Shake Shack doesn't want you to know is that the company doesn't usually stray too much from that formula. Franchises consistently serve up quality across the board, but the menu hasn't evolved much, and the brand decreased its product development a few years back, per Restaurant Business. The decision to do so, as well as other factors, contributed to Shake Shack's sales declining overall in 2019 and stock falling roughly 13% following the announcement.

Following those losses, Shake Shack moved toward innovation. It began testing new products, including a vegetarian burger, mini shakes, and Hot Chick'n Bites. Now, Shake Shack will debut a new menu that's focused on a jewel of the fine dining world, a press release announced. You can try it officially ahead of Valentine's Day on Feb 10.

Shake Shack highlights white truffle sauce on new menu

Shake Shack took a nod from fine dining for its new menu, which will be exclusively available through the chain's app starting Feb. 8 and then in stores on Feb. 10, per a press release. The white truffle menu will capitalize on the hype from the black truffle menu from 2021. Fans loved black truffles so much that Shake Shack is celebrating its cousin — "the king of the mushroom kingdom."

White truffles are typically served in sauce or as a finishing touch because they shouldn't be heated, according to Urbani Truffles. Even raw, white truffles are pungent. They're also rare, making them expensive. TruffleFarm's price tracker reported that, as of 2021, the typical Italian white truffle cost $1,500 to $4,000 per pound.

Shake Shack's new menu includes three items featuring a white truffle sauce made with Regalis truffle oil. The first, a White Truffle Burger, has fontina cheese and white truffle sauce. The burger, which is sandwiched in a potato bun, gets finished with crispy onions and starts at $8.99. If that isn't enough mushroom, Shake Shack has the answer. The White Truffle 'Shroom Burger, $8.99, has a fried portobello burger that's stuffed with two kinds of cheese, doused in truffle sauce, and garnished with lettuce. Finally, the new Parmesan Fries with White Truffle Sauce combine parm and white truffle sauce over fries for $4.69. However, even without the addition of parm and white truffle sauce, customers are divided on Shake Shack's fries, which didn't fare well in Shake Shack's Menu Items Ranked Worst To Best.