The Buc-Ee's Fudge Trick Every Indecisive Shopper Should Know

There are only a few dozen Buc-ee's locations peppered across seven states, but boy, is this chain of country stores and gas stations popular among travelers and natives. It's the largest convenience store in the world, with one location occupying more than 66,000 square feet. Buc-ee's also has the longest car wash in the world, with 255 feet of conveyor (via Buc-ee's).

But what many people associate with the chain is what you'll find inside. Yes, you'll find snacks, breakfast items, beverages, gum, souvenirs, and the items you'd expect to find at any convenience store, but Buc-ee's offers something other stores don't — a fudge counter! And as if that weren't enough, you can choose from over a dozen flavors ranging from traditional to seasonal, including blueberry cobbler, watermelon, and maple pecan, according to Restaurant Clicks

Can't decide which flavor(s) to get? Buc-ee's gets it. That's why it offers something special for the indecisive shopper or the one who loves all fudge flavors.

You can get 24 fudge blocks, all in one box

If you're a fudge lover approaching a Buc-ee's fudge counter for the first time, the flavor options will probably overwhelm you and leave you wondering which flavor(s) to get. With the Buc-ee's fudge variety pack, you can try various flavors in one purchase. Food reviewer @TamiDunn bought a pack, which she said cost about $14 and included 24 blocks of fudge. She shared her review on her YouTube channel. She and her husband, Kevin, tasted all the flavors in the review, in case you want a second opinion before buying a box for yourself. By the way, the flavors are already pre-selected and pre-packaged in the box, so you can't select them ahead of time. You get what you get.

Dunn's box included banana pudding, key lime pie, blueberry, raspberry red velvet, rocky road, chocolate walnut, caramel, cookies and cream, plain fudge, peanut butter, and salted caramel. Kevin described the fudge as creamy with a soft texture but later added that some are softer than others. After trying all the flavors, he said there wasn't one flavor he didn't like, but his least favorite was the key lime pie because he found it too tart. Tami also liked them all, but cookies and cream were her least favorite because she didn't taste enough of the cookie. So was Buc-ee's fudge variety pack worth the 14 bucks? Tami said, "It was absolutely worth it."