The 3 Food Items That Always Make It Onto Molly Yeh's Grocery List

"Girl Meets Farm" star Molly Yeh has become a favorite of food TV watchers with the help of her unique style and darling shabby chic farmhouse. Born to a Chinese father and Jewish mother (per a Jewish United Fund news piece), Yeh is a Midwest transplant. This has given her food creations a unique fusion that is playful and innovative. She can just as easily whip up classic Chinese-style pot stickers as she can a Midwestern hot dish or something you've never heard of before, like Yeh's viral recipe for popcorn salad. 

But when it comes to grocery shopping, she has her staples that she returns to week after week, which is especially important now as the mother to two little ones and with a husband that needs one item in the fridge every single morning. Having a few consistent items each week can make meal planning and last-minute dinners less stressful. In a conversation with Epicurious, Yeh shared the three things she makes sure to add to her shopping list every single week. 

The bare necessities

Peanut butter is at the top of Yeh's list when it comes to grocery shopping. "I think we keep the peanut butter industry in business too because my 3-year-old is obsessed," says Yeh (via Epicurious). Peanut butter is a staple for many households, but especially for those with little ones since it can be eaten on its own, on toast, or with fruit. It's a wholesome snack packed with protein and fat but manages to disguise itself as a dessert bread. 

"And also I'm on this mission to avoid any sort of peanut allergies in my 8-month-old, so I feed her peanut butter a lot," she adds. According to Dr. Avraham Beigelman of St. Louis Children's Hospital, getting a 4-to-6-month-old to eat peanut butter could help keep a peanut allergy from emerging later in life. Almond milk is also a weekly staple for the Yeh household, because her husband, Nick Hagen, drinks a glass every morning.

Another grocery go-to is eggs as a major weeknight protein source. "Because they're the easiest dinner when I have completely forgotten to plan dinner," she told Epicurious. Eggs are easy and fast to cook and can be prepared in literally dozens of ways, so they can work even for picky eaters. You don't need to worry about thawing and pre-seasoning them as you do with cuts of meat. Plus, at only 75 calories with 7 grams of protein, and loaded with vitamins and minerals, eggs are a nutritional goldmine (via WebMD).