The Starbucks French Press Trick For Better-Tasting Hot Coffee Every Time

What to order at Starbucks? For some, ordering a Starbucks drink is like saying a mantra. "Tall flat white," "grande caramel macchiato," "nonfat latte with an extra espresso shot." Although these drinks sound delicious for avid drinkers, listening to this order can intimidate people that are just visiting Starbucks for a simple cup of coffee with work, a book, or friends.

We get you: The energizing moment of our morning or afternoon should be stress-free, and tasty, of course. There may be times we just need that bitter or sweet touch of plain black coffee without reciting too many words. "Can I have a cup of brewed coffee?" might be a good question to start if you don't want any kind of milk or syrup. A disadvantage could be that you might not know how long the coffee has been resting in the pot.

There's nothing like freshly brewed coffee, that's for sure. Perhaps, you need to ask for the coffee to be brewed at that moment with a different method. There's a trick for how you can order at Starbucks — whether you're looking to have a pleasant time alone or with friends — and drink fresh, quality coffee. Yup, the same beans, the same Starbucks. Have you met the French press?

Ask for French press coffee at Starbucks

A French press is a highly recommended brewing method, one which uses pressure to make coffee, resulting in a concentrated flavor (via Jeremiah's Pick Coffee). You just need fresh ground coffee beans, hot boiling water, and a few minutes to have your drink. According to Cheapism, you can ask your Starbucks barista to brew coffee for you on a French press and have it in the store. It's a great option when hanging with a crowd, as So Yummy! suggests, because a French press can result in several cups of coffee.

Keep in mind that some Starbucks may not have that option (via Cheapism). Depending on the size, the store may be lacking equipment. They, of course, can sell branded ground coffee to you or fresh coffee beans for you to grind beans at home for better results if you have the utensils. But, if you're lucky, your barista says yes and you get the experience.

Brewing coffee in a French press brings excellent results because the method doesn't require filters that may take out the natural oils that deeply enhance the flavor (via Lifehack) and it keeps all the antioxidants intact (per French Press Coffee). Above all, it's a very simple way of ordering coffee and enjoying it as purely as possible.