Dave Grohl Is All Gratitude In Super Bowl 2023 Crown Royal Ad Tease

Dave Grohl is known for many things. True, it's mainly for his musical prowess in bands such as the Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and The Queens of the Stone Age. But he's also had numerous TV appearances, including a bunch of performances on "Saturday Night Live," commercials. Some of those appearances have spotlighted a drink of choice: coffee. 

He spent money and time on devoting an entire video purely for the sake of "mak[ing] people smile." That video was "Fresh Pots," a lighthearted look at Grohl's out-of-control love of coffee. This was followed up 10 years later with a mock ad for a faux pharmaceutical product called "FreshPotix." Speaking with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich on the show "It's Electric!" Grohl revealed that his coffee drinking got so bad that he worried he would miss performing at the White House because he thought he was having a heart attack – luckily it was just too much caffeine. But the Foo Fighters frontman will be focused on a different kind of brew for the Super Bowl.

While the Foo Fighters have performed at the NFL event previously, Grohl will be starring in a Super Bowl ad this time. The musician is partnering with Canadian whisky brand Crown Royal – a whisky developed in 1939 to commemorate the royal Canadian visit of Prince George IV and Queen Elizabeth II. The clips that have been released don't really give away what to expect in the commercial but serve as teasers for what's to come.

Gratitude is the name of the game

In one teaser for Crown Royal whisky, we see Dave Grohl performing some vocal warm-ups before practicing various ways he can say "thank you." In another clip, he reads a list of seemingly unrelated items including "the peanut butter, the paint roller, the battery" and "the electric wheelchair," while sounding surprised. "Did you know that, Lou?" he asks the person sitting behind him. A third teaser ad has been revealed in which Grohl is shown thanking a number of objects in the Foo Fighter's Studio 606. These objects include a mixing console and "flannel for keeping the grunge dream alive."

Perhaps surprisingly, Grohl did not appear to thank coffee in these teasers. What all this has to do with an ad for the alcohol brand will be revealed on February 12 in the third quarter during a 60-second spot, according to Forbes. One interesting bit of history to note is that there is a different connection between Grohl, whiskey, and peanut butter. During a 2019 performance in San Diego, he briefly gushed about the company Skrewball, which made peanut butter whiskey (via Fox 5). Coincidence? Maybe. Viewers may well find out when the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles meet at Super Bowl LVII.