Ina Garten's Main For Valentine's Day 2023 Is Setting Instagram On Fire

We're officially one week out from Valentine's Day, and if you and your partner have yet to make plans, it might be time to hop to it. According to Wallet Hub, more than half of Americans plan on celebrating the holiday of love this year, and of that group, 32% will be enjoying an evening out. Being that the National Restaurant Association says V-Day is the second-busiest day of the year for restaurants (via Restaurant Business), this means that it might be a tad bit difficult to get a reservation at your favorite eatery if you've yet to do so. Of course, the option to make a romantic meal at home is always there. However, even if you're an experienced cook, it can be stressful to come up with the perfect Valentine's Day meal for your significant other.

Fortunately, Food Network star Ina Garten has kindly decided to share what will be on the menu for her and her husband, Jeffrey, on February 14, starting with the star of the meal. In a post to her Instagram page on Monday, February 6, the celeb chef revealed that she will be making one of her signature dishes for her and her hubby's main course on Valentine's Day next week. Based on the response to the upload, Instagram certainly seems to approve of her choice.

Panko-Crusted Rack of Lamb is on the menu for Ina and Jeffrey Garten this Valentine's Day

For Ina Garten, Valentine's Day doesn't need to be spent at a fancy restaurant. "[It's] always nice, but for me, a home-cooked meal is the best way to say 'I love you'," she wrote on her Barefoot Contessa blog in 2018. So what is it that the cookbook author will be making to say "I love you" to her husband, Jeffrey, on Valentine's Day this year? Her signature panko-crusted rack of lamb, which she said in an Instagram post yesterday is "absolutely delicious and so easy to prepare on a weeknight."

Fans of the Food Network star were fired up by her choice for her Valentine's Day main course, as indicated by the slew of flame emoji left in the comments section. "I've made this recipe several times & it's a show stopper," one Instagram user commented. "This is one of my favorite recipes of yours," another quipped. Several fans took a moment to wish Garten and her hubby a happy Valentine's Day, while Instagram user @maceytaylor1 inquired about what they should serve alongside the rack of lamb. As luck would have it, Garten returned to her Instagram page earlier today to share what she'll be pairing with her main course: pureed potatoes and roasted broccolini.