The Cold Pizza Cocktail That's Changing The Way We Think About Drink Menus

Ever liked a type of food so much that you wanted to try it in all its forms, even as a drink? Well, now you can! Double Chicken Please is a cocktail bar in New York owned by Faye Chen and GN Chan, specializing in making cocktails inspired by dishes. Even big brand names are getting in on the dish-inspired cocktail movement, like Stouffer's and its lasagna-inspired bloody mary mix that it released in November to a few lucky recipients, per Food Network.

Double Chicken Please caters to a unique cocktail experience in that the bar serves different types of cocktails in its front and back rooms. The bar's menu shows that the front room serves more traditional cocktails on tap along with other alcoholic beverages, while the back room serves a wide range of specialty cocktails that are appetizing on a whole new level. One of their signature cocktails is adding a unique perspective to the flavors of late-night leftover pizza.  

The pizza cocktail of our dreams

Double Chicken Please's Cold Pizza cocktail will satisfy all your late-night pizza cravings. Its menu lists that the cocktail is made with seven ingredients, including Don Fulano Blanco, Parmigiano Reggiano, burnt toast, tomato, basil, honey, and egg white. Double Chicken Please's co-founder Faye Chen details the process of crafting the Cold Pizza cocktail in a YouTube video by Localish, where Chen incorporates a touch of lime in the drink.

One TikTok user posted a video of what a few cocktails at Double Chicken Please look like, including the cold pizza, cold soba noodle, and key lime pie cocktail, and they are just as captivating as their descriptions. While some users are entirely on board with the concept of a pizza cocktail, such as one who commented, "Need!!!!," others are not so quick to jump on the foodie cocktail train. "This makes me feel so weird," replied another follower. Even though food-based cocktails might not be everyone's cup of tea, we sure hope Double Chicken Please takes its unique concept nationwide.