Costco's Maine Lobster Risotto Bites Aren't Exactly Instagram Approved

The combination of lobster and risotto can make for a seriously decadent meal, but, unfortunately, the luxurious dish often comes with a decadent price tag, as well. At Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen, for example, prices for an appetizer-sized plate of lobster risotto start at $29.95, while a two-and-a-half-pound order from the award-winning Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. in Maine can run you nearly $100 after shipping (via Goldbelly).

Attempting to whip up the comfort dish for yourself at home doesn't necessarily get much easier on the wallet, as we all know that lobster can be a pretty expensive buy at the grocery store. Even on the occasions when you do happen to catch a good sale on the crustaceans, making a perfect risotto can pose an entirely different set of problems (and if you happen to have figured out the trick to making what Food & Wine calls "one of the harder-to-master Italian dishes, we'd love to hear your tips).

Needless to say, satisfying a craving for a delicious bowl of lobster risotto isn't always easy, nor is it particularly cheap, which may be one reason why Instagram user @costcobuys was so excited to see boxes of frozen Maine Lobster Risotto Bites at their local Costco warehouse last month. "These breaded bites are loaded with lobster, rice, and cheese," the Instagrammer wrote in a post about the finger food on January 31. "They're seriously DELICIOUS,' they added, though it appears that not everyone on the social media platform agrees.

Some shoppers think Costco's Maine Lobster Risotto Bites are too salty

The Suburban Soapbox argues that lobster risotto is perfect for any type of occasion – even just a casual weeknight meal at home – but with the finicky nature of risotto, and the notoriously high price of lobster, regularly whipping up the comfort dish may end up being more trouble than it's worth. Last month, however, Instagram user @costcobuys spotted a new product in their local Costco's freezer section that has the potential to be a solution to this conundrum: Maine Lobster Risotto Bites by Salt & Sky.

At $12.99 for a 22.2 ounce box, seemed like just the thing to keep on hand for when those lobster risotto cravings come on, and even more so since @costcobuys gave the product a glowing review. But despite their January 31 post catching the eyes of a few intrigued Costco shoppers, not everyone was quick to give the retailer's Maine Lobster Risotto Bites their stamp of approval. "They take Maine lobster and make this? Why?" Instagram user @mardi.farmer asked.

Others in the comments expressed concern with the product's lengthy list of ingredients, while Instagram user @4grace007 offered their own honest review. "They were awful, high in sodium. My family hated them," they said. The salt level was also an issue for the YouTubers at 5 Minute Eats, who gave the product a thumbs down in their review. "If they just dialed that back it would be a great product," they said.