Reddit Found A Mysterious Object In Aldi Frozen Steak Fries

And let the guessing begin! This obviously certainly isn't the first time a strange object has been found in a package or plate of food. In a horror flick, we know it could be anything. A finger or toe, an eyeball, a tongue — you get the idea, but in real life, it's typically something that doesn't involve a murder.

Sometimes it's a single strand of hair or a piece of an acrylic fingernail. Sometimes it's just an eyelash, a bristle from a butter brush, or maybe tiny eggshell fragments. Other times it's something far worse, like something from an animal, mold, or something similar.

In the case of one Reddit user, the mysterious object was found in a bag of frozen steak fries from Aldi. If you're unfamiliar with the product, Aldi's Season's Choice Steak Fries consist of thick-cut, French-fried potatoes. The nutrition facts listed on Aldi Reviewer also indicate the inclusion of vegetable oil, salt, and a few other ingredients, but this bag included an unexpected ingredient that isn't listed in the nutrition facts.

The mysterious object is still a mystery

So what was the mysterious object found in the bag of steak fries? Well, that's still to be determined. In the photo posted by the Reddit user, the object appears to be some type of stick that's almost the same thickness and length as McDonald's fries. But it most definitely is not a fry.

Some users had fun with their guesses in the Reddit thread, while others offered genuine suggestions. One person replied, "Golden ticket to Aldis fries factory," while another called it "A Steak Lie." Another recommended that the original poster taste it to find out. The more helpful responses included one that suggested it's a piece of a potato plant stem. Someone else said something similar, proposing that it could be "the part of the plant that grows above the soil."

Despite all 26 comments that were posted at the time of this article, it appears the object has yet to be identified. What do you think it is, and would you taste it to try to find out?